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On the Shores of the Mediterranean (Picador Books)

By Newby, Eric

Honky Tonk Gelato

By Stephen Brook


By Raban, Jonathan, jonathan-raban

A Book of Travellers' Tales (Picador Books)

By Newby, Eric

Coasting (Picador Books)

By Raban, Jonathan


By Crichton, Michael

Round Ireland in Low Gear (Picador Books)

By Newby, Eric

The Fruit Palace (Picador Books)

By Nicholl, Charles

A Year in Provence

By Peter Mayle, Leslie Forbes

What Am I Doing Here? (Picador Books)

By Chatwin, Bruce

The Last Grain Race (Picador Books)

By Newby, Eric

Fishing In Africa: A Guide To War And Corruption (Picador Books)

By Buckoke, Andrew

Foreign Correspondent: Travels in Paris in the Sixties

By Lennon, Peter

Toujours Provence

By Mayle, Peter

Last Chance To See

By Adams, Douglas, Carwardine, Mark, Douglas; Carwardine

Hunting Mister Heartbreak

By Raban, Jonathan

Worst Journeys: The Picador Book of Travel

By Fraser, Keath

The Battle For Room Service: Journeys To All The Safe Places

By Lawson, Mark

Italian Journeys (Picador Books)

By Keates, Jonathan


By Heat-Moon, William Least

Goodnight Mister Lenin: A Journey Through The End Of The Soviet: Journey Through the End of the Soviet Empire

By Terzani, Tiziano

The Battle for Room Service: Journeys to All the Safe Places (Picador original)

By Lawson, Mark

Magic Prague

By Maria Ripellino, Angelo

Norman Lewis Omnibus: "Dragon Apparent", "Golden Earth", "Goddess in the Stones"

By Norman Lewis

A Small Place In Italy

By Newby, Eric, Eric Newby

I Came, I Saw: an Autobiography

By Lewis, Norman

Blood On The Tracks: A Rail Journey From Angola To Mozambique

By Bredin, Miles, Logan, Harriet

Serpent In Paradise (Pb)

By Birkett, Dea

Bad Land

By Jonathan Raban

Passage to Juneau: A Sea and Its Meanings

By Raban, Jonathan