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Under- & Postgraduate Ancient History

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Middle Ages (History in Art)

By Fiona MacDonald

SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

By Professor Mary Beard

Living Through History: Foundation Book 1

By Reynoldson, Fiona, Taylor, Mr David

The Ancient World (Secondary History)

By Cootes, Richard J., Snellgrove, L. E., L.E. Snellgrove, Richard J. Cootes, L. E. Snellgrove

Ancient Rome

By Nancy Dickmann

Ancient Greece

By Nancy Dickmann

History Photopacks - Romans (Primary Photopacks S.)

By Chris Webster, Barrie Richardson

See Through History: The Celts (Cased) (See Through History S.)

By Martell, Hazel Mary

History of Ancient Israel

By Michael Grant

Picture The Past: Life In An Egyptian Town Hardback

By Jane Shuter

Excavating The Past: Ancient Greece Paperback

The Original Olympics (Ancient Civilizations)

By Ross, Stewart

Ancient China (Jump! History S.)

By Nicholson, Robert, Watts

Life In An Egyptian Town

By Jane Shuter

History Quick Reads: Stories of Ancient Greece No. 5

By David Oakden, Gilly Marklew, Gilly Marklew

Ancient Egypt

By Andrew Haslam, Kate Graham

The Penguin Atlas of Ancient History

By McEvedy, Colin, Woodcock, John

Ginn History:Key Stage 2 Ancient Greece Pupil`S Book (NEW GINN HISTORY)

By Martin Forrest, Forrest, Martin

Focus on History:Ancient Greeks

By Ganeri, A, Anita

The Ancient Egyptians (History Opens Windows)

By Jane Shuter

Ancient Greece Resource Book: Resource Bk (A SENSE OF HISTORY PRIMARY)

By Mason, James, Purkis, Sallie

Greek Heroes and Monsters Ancient Greece Introductory Book (A SENSE OF HISTORY PRIMARY)

By Mason, James, Purkis, Sallie

An Egyptian Tomb (Look Inside)

By Moses, Brian, Hook, Adam

An Egyptian Tomb (Look Inside)

By Moses, Brian, Hook, Adam

Ancient Rome

By Elaine Raphael, Don Bolognes, Don Bolognese

Art from the Past The Romans Paperback

By Chapman, Gillian

Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in Britain

By Foote, H., Keys, J.

The Ancient World 900 BC to AD 430 (Reader's Digest Illustrated History of the World)


History of Botanical Science: An Account of the Development of Botany from Ancient Times to the Present Day

By A.G. Morton

The Ancient Romans

By Jane Shuter