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Urban Planning Under Thatcherism: Challenge of the Market

By Thornley, Dr. Andy

1 available

Urban Resilience (Planning, Environment, Cities)

By Coaffee, Jon & Lee Peter

1 available

Ephemeral City: "Cite" Looks at Houston

By Scardino, Barrie, Stern, William F., Webb, Bruce, Rowe, Peter G.

1 available

Learning from the Slums for the Development of Emerging Cities: 119 (GeoJournal Library, 119)

By Bolay, Jean-Claude, Chenal, Jerome, Pedrazzini, Yves

Managing Population Decline in Europe's Urban and Rural Areas (SpringerBriefs in Population Studies)

By Hospers, Gert-Jan, Reverda, Nol

The Measurement and Analysis of Housing Preference and Choice

By Jansen, Sylvia J.T., Coolen, Henny C.C.H., Goetgeluk, Roland W.

Spatial Planning and Urban Development: Critical Perspectives: 10 (Urban and Landscape Perspectives, 10)

By Palermo, Pier Carlo, Ponzini, Davide

Geospatial Analysis and Modelling of Urban Structure and Dynamics: 99 (GeoJournal Library, 99)

By Jiang, Bin, Yao, Xiaobai

Nature, Tourism and Ethnicity as Drivers of (De)Marginalization: Insights to Marginality from Perspective of Sustainability and Development: 3 (Perspectives on Geographical Marginality, 3)

By Pelc, Stanko, Koderman, Miha

Investigating Quality of Urban Life: Theory, Methods, and Empirical Research: 45 (Social Indicators Research Series, 45)

By Marans, Robert W., Stimson, Robert J.

Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases IV: 2 (Community Quality-of-Life Indicators, 2)

By Sirgy, M. Joseph, Phillips, Rhonda, Rahtz, Don

Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases VI: 4 (Community Quality-of-Life Indicators, 4)

By Sirgy, M. Joseph, Phillips, Rhonda, Rahtz, Don

Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases III: 1 (Community Quality-of-Life Indicators, 1)

By Sirgy, M. Joseph, Phillips, Rhonda, Rahtz, Don

Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases V: 3 (Community Quality-of-Life Indicators, 3)

By Sirgy, M. Joseph, Phillips, Rhonda, Rahtz, Don

Historic Preservation: Caring for Our Expanding Legacy

By Tomlan, Michael A.

Canadian Perspectives on Immigration in Small Cities: 12 (International Perspectives on Migration, 12)

By Tibe Bonifacio, Glenda, Drolet, Julie L.

New Approaches to Death in Cities during the Health Transition: 12 (International Studies in Population, 12)

By Ramiro Fariñas, Diego, Oris, Michel

Urban Resilience: A Transformative Approach (Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications)

By Yamagata, Yoshiki, Maruyama, Hiroshi

Heterotopia and Heritage Preservation: The Heterotopic Tool as a Means of Heritage Assessment (The Urban Book Series)

By Spanu, Smaranda

The Impact of Artists on Contemporary Urban Development in Europe: 123 (GeoJournal Library, 123)

By Murzyn-Kupisz, Monika, Działek, Jarosław

Contradictions of Neoliberal Planning: Cities, Policies, and Politics: 102 (GeoJournal Library, 102)

By Taşan-Kok, Tuna, Baeten, Guy

Geospatial Analysis to Support Urban Planning in Beijing: 116 (GeoJournal Library, 116)

By Long, Ying, Shen, Zhenjiang

International Handbook of Rural Demography: 03 (International Handbooks of Population, 3)

By Kulcsar, László J., Curtis, Katherine J.

Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Europe

By Hulst, Rudie, van Montfort, Andre

Age-Friendly Cities and Communities in International Comparison: Political Lessons, Scientific Avenues, and Democratic Issues: 14 (International Perspectives on Aging, 14)

By Moulaert, Thibauld, Garon, Suzanne

Production and Use of Urban Knowledge: European Experiences: 9001 (Geojournal Library)

By Andersen, Hans Thor, Atkinson, Robert Thomas

The Reinvention of Distinction: Modernity and the Middle Class in Urban Vietnam: 2 (ARI - Springer Asia Series, 2)

By Nguyen-Marshall, VAN, Drummond, Lisa B. Welch, Belanger, Danièle

The Urban Fabric of Crime and Fear

By Ceccato, Vania

Tsunami and Fukushima Disaster: Design for Reconstruction

By Roggema, Rob, Yan, Wanglin

Making Value and Career Building in the Creative Economy: Evidence from Contemporary Visual Art (SpringerBriefs in Geography)

By Fasche, Melanie