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Edexcel GCE History: Stalin's Russia 1924-1953

By Robin Bunce, Laura Williams

1 available

Talking Business Spanish: (G)NVQ Edition - Book only (Talking Business)

By Kattan-Ibarra, Juan, Connell, Tim

1 available

AS AQA Business Studies Textbook

By Wolinski, John, Coates, Gwen

1 available

Middle Ages, The 2nd Edition (Longman Histories)

By Cootes, Richard, Snellgrove, L

2 available

Heinemann History Study Units: Student Book. Britain and the Great War

By Rees, Rosemary

1 available

Guidelines in Art

By Murphy, Kathleen, Murphy, Oliver

1 available

Landmark Geography – Manufacturing Industry: Impact of change: The Impact of Change (Collins A Level Geography)

By Raw, Michael

2 available

Tourism (Geography & Change S.)

By Prosser, Robert

1 available

Hotel Europa: Italia STDNTS BK: Business Italian for Beginners: Coursebook (HEUR)

By McKeane, Rossana, Powell, Margaret

1 available

Edexcel GCE History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany 1900-45

By Collier, Martin

1 available

Notational Analysis of Sport: Systems for Better Coaching and Performance in Sport

By Franks, Ian

Look Ahead: A Guide to Working in Fashion Hardback

By Gillian Sharp

Heinemann Profiles: Richard Branson Hardback

By Alcraft, Rob

Heinemann Profiles: Anita Roddick Hardback

By Alcraft, Rob

Top Sport: Table Tennis (Cased)

By Blackall, Bernie

Business without Borders: Globalization (The Global Marketplace)

By Elizabeth Leppman

Money Matters: An Introduction to Economics (The Global Marketplace)

By Barbara Hollander

Leisure and Recreation Management: 5th Edition

By Torkildsen, George

Foods, Nutrition and Sports Performance: An international Scientific Consensus organized by Mars Incorporated with International Olympic Committee patronage

By Devlin, J.R., Williams, C.

Tourism Planning: Basics, Concepts, Cases

By Clare A. Gunn

Functional Anatomy for Sport and Exercise: Quick Reference

By Milner, Clare E.

International Business and Tourism: Global Issues, Contemporary Interactions (Routledge International Series in Tourism, Business and Management)

By Coles, Tim

Foucault, Sport and Exercise: Power, Knowledge and Transforming the Self

By Markula, Pirkko

Costing: An Introduction

By Drury, Colin

Guiding the Behaviour of Children and Young People: Linking Theory and Practice 0-18 Years

By Lindon, Jennie

Edexcel Business for GCSE: Building a Business, 2nd Edition

By Marcouse, Ian, Stubbs, Louise, Billington, Michelle

AQA Business & Communication Systems for GCSE (ABSG)

By Petrucke, Fiona, Wort, Carolyn

AQA Business for GCSE: Growing as a Business

By Denby, Neil, Hamman, David

Engineering Instrumentation and Control

By Bolton, W.

Textbook of Commerce

By Hughes, Henry G., Loveridge, John W.