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Edexcel GCE History: Stalin's Russia 1924-1953

By Robin Bunce, Laura Williams

1 available

Landmark Geography – Manufacturing Industry: Impact of change: The Impact of Change (Collins A Level Geography)

By Raw, Michael

2 available

Talking Business Spanish: (G)NVQ Edition - Book only (Talking Business)

By Kattan-Ibarra, Juan, Connell, Tim

1 available

Hotel Europa: Italia STDNTS BK: Business Italian for Beginners: Coursebook (HEUR)

By McKeane, Rossana, Powell, Margaret

1 available

Guidelines in Art

By Murphy, Kathleen, Murphy, Oliver

1 available

AS AQA Business Studies Textbook

By Wolinski, John, Coates, Gwen

1 available

Heinemann History Study Units: Student Book. Britain and the Great War

By Rees, Rosemary

1 available

Tourism (Geography & Change S.)

By Prosser, Robert

1 available

Middle Ages, The 2nd Edition (Longman Histories)

By Cootes, Richard, Snellgrove, L

2 available

Edexcel GCE History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany 1900-45

By Collier, Martin

1 available

A Practical Guide to Activities for Young Children

By Hobart, Christine, Frankel, Jill

Business Studies 'A' Level Workbook

By David Needham, Robert Dransfield

Training and Development NVQs: A Handbook for FAETC Candidates and NVQ Trainers

By Walklin, Les

Health and Social Care for Foundation GNVQ (Gnvq Health)

By Waltham, Peter, Clarke, Liam

Talking Business: Coursebook: French

By Truscott, Sandra, Mitchell, Margaret

A Practical Guide to Working with Young Children

By Hobart, Christine, Frankel, Jill

Physical Education and Sport for Advanced Level

By Honeybourne, John, Hill, Michael, Moors, Helen

GNVQ Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Stanley Thornes GNVQ)

By Greer, Alex, Taylor, Graham William, Howkins, Ruth

Business Studies for You

By Needham, David, Dransfield, Robert

Catering and Hospitality: Cookery Units: Food Preparation and Cooking (NVQ2 SVQ2 Catering & Hospitality)

By Rabone, Pam, Klaasen, David, Groves, Tony, Stevenson, Daniel R., Kenyon, Bob, Ware, Malcolm John, Tallon, Harry, Coulthard, Philip, Foote, Rowland

Business for Advanced GNVQ (Stanley Thornes GNVQ)

By Lewis, Roger, Trevitt, Roger

New Understanding Computer Science for Advanced Level Fourth Edition (Understanding S)

By Bradley, Ray

Babies and Young Children: Early Years Development Bk.1

By Beaver, Marian, Brewster, Jo, Jones, Pauline, Keene, Anne, Neaum, Sally, Tallack, Jill, Beaver, Neaum, etc.

Caring for People: A Life-span Approach

By Richards, Judy

A Textbook of Anatomy and Physiology

By Arnould-Taylor, William E.

Health and Social Care for Advanced GNVQ (Stanley Thornes GNVQ)

By Clarke, Liam, Sachs, Bruce, Sumner, Sue

Sports Injuries: "Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention" (Therapy in Practice)

By Bird, S., Black, N., Newton, P.

Student Guide (NVQ2 SVQ2 Catering & Hospitality)

By Bulleid, Ann, Rabone, Pam, Rimmer, David, Ritchie, Caroline, Roberts, Tim, Wilson, Nick

GNVQ Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering (GNVQ Options)

By Ball, T.R., Crooks, Alan

Living and Working in Europe (GNVQ Advanced Options)

By Fox, Anne