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Flying Bombs Over England

By Bates, H. E., Ogley, Bob

1 available

Overkill: The Story of Modern Weapons

By Cox, John

1 available

Israel and Palestine - Out of the Ashes: The Search For Jewish Identity in the Twenty-First Century

By Ellis, Marc H.

Aircraft Carriers: An Illustrated History of Aircraft Carriers of the World, from Zeppelin and Seaplane Carriers to v/Stol and Nuclear-Powered Carriers

By Bernard Ireland

For the Love of the Army: A Celebration of the British Armed Forces

By Hamilton, Ray

Fighting Skills Of The Sas

By Robinson, Mike

Hunting the Nazi Bomb: The Special Forces Mission to Sabotage Hitler's Deadliest Weapon

By Lewis, Damien

Achieving Nuclear Ambitions: Scientists, Politicians, And Proliferation

By Arnell, Adam, Hymans, Jacques E. C.

Oppenheimer And The Bomb (Big Idea)

By Strathern, Paul

The Gunpowder Age: China, Military Innovation, and the Rise of the West in World History

By Andrade, Tonio

The Trajectory of Iran's Nuclear Program

By Gaietta, Michele

New Connexions: Alternatives v. 10 (English Language Teaching S.)

By Christie, David

Prohibiting Chemical and Biological Weapons: Multilateral Regimes and Their Evolution

By Kelle, Alexander

Barriers to Bioweapons: The Challenges of Expertise and Organization for Weapons Development (Cornell Studies in Security Affairs)

By Sonia Ben Ouagrham-Gormley

Nuclear Rites: A Weapons Laboratory at the End of the Cold War

By Gusterson, Hugh

Nuclear Blackmail and Nuclear Balance

By Betts, Richard K., MacLaury, Bruce K.

The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: A Debate Renewed

By Sagan, Scott D

Tale of Tabun, The

By Sloan, Roy

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weaponry

By Wills, Chuck

RAF Tornado: 1974 onwards (All Marks and Models) (Owner's Workshop Manual) (Haynes Owners' Workshop Manuals)

By Ian Black

Detect and Deter: Can Countries Verify the Nuclear Test Ban?

By Dahlman, Ola, Mackby, Jenifer, Mykkeltveit, Svein, Haak, Hein

Who Rules the World?

By Chomsky, Noam

The Ultimate Weaponry

By Pimlott, John

Most Secret War (Wordsworth Military Library)

By Jones, R. V.

Longbow: A Social and Military History

By Hardy CBE, Robert

Man is Not Lost

By Richardson, D.



By Murakami, Haruki

Designed to Kill: The Case Against Weapons Research: 1 (Research Ethics Forum, 1)

By Forge, John

K. Boats: Steam-powered Submarines in World War I

By Everitt, Don