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World War II Biographies

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Double Cross: The True Story of The D-Day Spies

By MacIntyre, Ben (1963-), Ben, Ben Macintyre

1 available

The Terez?n Album of Mari?nka Zadikow

By Dwork, Deborah

1 available

Churchill's Wizards: The British Genius for Deception 1914-1945

By Rankin, Nicholas

1 available

George Orwell: English Rebel

By Robert Colls

1 available

Battle of Britain: A day-to-day chronicle, 10 July-31 October 1940

By Patrick Bishop

1 available

The Secrets of Station X: How the Bletchley Park codebreakers helped win the war (Dialogue Espionage Classics)

By Michael Smith

1 available

The Great Escape (Cassell Military Paperbacks)

By Paul Brickhill

1 available

The Last Days of the Jerusalem of Lithuania: Chronicles from the Vilna Ghetto and the Camps, 1939-1944

By Kruk, Herman, Harshav, Benjamin, Barbara

A Square of Sky: Memoirs of a Wartime Childhood

By David, Janina

The Holocaust: The Jewish Tragedy

By Gilbert, Martin

Freud's War

By Helen Fry

The Living Unknown Soldier

By Le Naour, Jean-Yves

The Good Nazi: The Life And Lies Of Albert Speer

By Van der Vat, Dan

I was a Child of Holocaust Survivors

By Eisenstein, Bernice

Winter in the Morning: A Young Girl's Life in the Warsaw Ghetto and Beyond 1939-45

By Bauman, Janina

Salvaged Pages: Young Writers' Diaries of the Holocaust

By Zapruder, Alexandra

Using and Abusing the Holocaust (Jewish Literature and Culture)

By Langer, Lawrence L.

The Cap: Or The Price Of A Life

By Roman Frister, Hillel Halkin

After Auschwitz: A story of heartbreak and survival by the stepsister of Anne Frank (Extraordinary Lives, Extraordinary Stories of World War Two)

By Schloss, Eva

Heshel's Kingdom

By Jacobson, Dan

Ponary Diary, 1941-1943: A Bystander's Account of a Mass Murder

By Sakowicz, Kazimierz, Arad, Yitzhak, Weinbaum, Laurence

Roses from the Earth: The Biography of Anne Frank

By carol ann Lee, Buddy Elias

Anne Frank: The Biography

By Müller, Melissa, Kimber, Rita, Robert

Magda Goebbels

By Klabunde, Anja

Nothing Makes You Free: Writings by Descendents of Jewish Holocaust Survivors

By Bukiet, Melvin Jules

The Last Survivor (HB): Living in a Town called Dachau

By Ryback, Timothy W

Hanns and Rudolf: The German Jew and the Hunt for the Kommandant of Auschwitz

By Thomas Harding, Harding, Thomas

The War And Uncle Walter

By Musto, Walter

Theresienstadt: Survival in Hell

By Oppenhejm, Melanie, Ullendorff, Edward, Ralph, Dina

The Black Seasons (Jewish Lives)

By Michal Glowinski, Marci Shore