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World War II Biographies & Memoirs

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Hitler and Stalin: Parallel lives

By Bullock, Alan

1 available

Double Cross: The True Story of The D-Day Spies

By MacIntyre, Ben (1963-), Ben

1 available

A Thousand Kisses: A Grandmother's Holocaust Letters (Judaic Studies)

By Henriette Pollatschek, Renata Polt, Renata Polt

1 available

Gardens of Stone: My Boyhood in the French Resistance (Extraordinary Lives, Extraordinary Stories of World War Two)

By Grady, Stephen, Wright, Michael

1 available

All but My Life

By Klein, Gerda Weissmann

1 available

The Terez?n Album of Mari?nka Zadikow

By Dwork, Deborah

1 available

Churchill's Wizards: The British Genius for Deception 1914-1945

By Rankin, Nicholas

1 available

Rommel? Gunner Who?

By Milligan, Spike, Spike Milligan

1 available

Pianist, The (The Pianist: the Extraordinary True Story of One Man's Survival in Warsaw)

By Szpilman, Wladyslaw

1 available

Adolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall

By Milligan, Spike

1 available

My Lost World: A Survivor's Tale (Library of Holocaust Testimonies)

By Rosen, Sara

1 available


By Chancellor, Henry

1 available

The Secrets of Station X: How the Bletchley Park codebreakers helped win the war (Dialogue Espionage Classics)

By Michael Smith

1 available

Battle of Britain: A day-to-day chronicle, 10 July-31 October 1940

By Patrick Bishop

1 available

The Pacific (The Official HBO/Sky TV Tie-in)

By Hugh Ambrose

Betty's Wartime Diary 1939-1945

By Betty Armitage

Stalingrad: Memories and Reassessments

By Wieder, Joachim, Einsiedel, Heinrich Graf Von, Bogler, Helmut

Commando: Memoirs of a Fighting Commando in World War Two (Greenhill Military Paperback)

By Durnford-Slater, Brigadier John

The Man Who Never Forgot: The Story of Simon Wiesenthal (Faith in Action)

By Copley, Terence

Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

By Dumbach, Annette, Newborn, Jud

Engineering Hitler's Downfall: the Brains that Enabled Victory

By Roberts, Gwilym

Jungle Soldier: The True Story of Freddy Spencer Chapman

By Brian Moynahan

Jungle Soldier: The True Story of Freddy Spencer Chapman

By Brian Moynahan

Nella Last's Peace: The Post-War Diaries Of Housewife 49

By Malcolmson, Patricia, Malcolmson, Robert

Flags Of Our Fathers

By Bradley, James, Powers, Ron

Growing Up In A War

By Magee, Bryan

Behind Enemy Lines: The Autobiography of Britain's Most Decorated Living War Hero

By Sir Tommy Macpherson, Richard Bath

The Choice: A true story of hope

By Eger, Edith


By Kershaw, Ian

Priscilla: The Hidden Life of an Englishwoman in Wartime France

By Shakespeare, Nicholas