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Reforming Infant Baptism: Its Future in the Church of England

By Owen, Clifford, etc., Wright, Nigel, Buchanan, Colin

Thank You, Padre: Memories of World War II

By Clifford, Joan

Prophecy Past and Present

By Hill, Clifford

Today with Jeremiah: v. 1: Studies in the Prophecies of Jeremiah

By Hill, Clifford

What Next, Doctor?

By Clifford, Dr Robert

Metric Feet and Other Gang Members: 25 Years of the Poetry World

By Clifford, Johnathon

Jesus: Way of Peace

By Clifford, Paula

Case for an Empty Tomb

By Clifford, Ross

Lent Book (Hodder Christian books)

By Christian Aid, Clifford, Paula, Hodder

Companion to the Old Testament: Introduction, Interpretation, Application

By Clifford, Hywel, Earl, Douglas, O'Dowd, Ryan P., Tiemeyer, Lena-Sofia

Lent Book 2004 (Jesus: Opening Our Hearts)

By Christian Aid, Clifford, Paula

Tell My People I Love Them

By Hill, Clifford

Karl Barth: Theologian of Freedom

By Green, Clifford

Chosen People: The big idea that shaped England and America

By Longley, Clifford

Heal Our Land: Strategies for Prayer and Action

By Owens, Jimmy, Carol, Hill, Clifford

Amyraut Affirmed: (or) 'owenism,a Caricature of Calvinism

By Clifford, Alan charles

Day Comes: A Prophetic View of the Contemporary World

By Hill, Clifford

Pearson REVISE AQA GCSE (9-1) History Conflict and Tension Revision Guide and Workbook: for home learning, 2022 and 2023 assessments and exams (REVISE AQA GCSE History 2016)

By Payne, Victoria, Clifford, Sally

Just Here, Doctor!

By Clifford, Dr Robert

Pearson REVISE AQA GCSE (9-1) History Britain: Power and the people Revision Guide and Workbook: for home learning, 2022 and 2023 assessments and exams (REVISE AQA GCSE History 2016)

By Clifford, Sally

Drawing Buildings and Towns (Understand How to Draw)

By Bayly, Clifford

News from the English Countryside: 1750-1850

By Morsley, Clifford

Electricity: Key Stage 2 (Resource Bank Science S.)

By Hibbard, Clifford

Letterhead & Logo Design 6

By Reese, Chris & Stoltze, Clifford

The Black Ship: The Quest to Recover an English Pirate Ship and Its Lost Treasure

By Clifford, Barry, Perry, Paul

The Enduring Vision: A History of the American People, Volume 1: To 1877, Concise International Edition

By Halttunen, Karen, Salisbury, Neal, Hawley, Sandra, Boyer, Paul, Clark, Clifford, Kett, Joseph, Sitkoff, Harvard, Woloch, Nancy, Rieser, Andrew

Nursing Research: A Skill-based Introduction

By Clifford, Collette, Gough, Stephen

Life is a Dream (Drama Classics)

By Calderon, Pedro, Clifford, John

Meditations Through the Year: Saturday Meditations for the "Daily Telegraph"

By Duncan, Denis, "The Daily Telegraph", Longley, Clifford

RATIONL EXPECTNS MACROECON: An Introduction to Theory and Evidence

By Attfield, Clifford