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Hormones and Metabolic Control: A Medical Student's Guide to Control of Various Aspects of Normal and Abnormal Metabolism

By White, David A., Middleton, Bruce, Baxter, Michael

Forensic Medicine

By Simpson, Keith

Textbook of Pathology

By Muir, Sir Robert, Anderson, John Russell

Gynaecology by Ten Teachers

By Clayton, Stanley G.

MCQs in Gynaecology and Obstetrics (Multiple Choice Questions Series)

By Setchell, Marcus E., Lilford, Richard J.

Obstetrics by Ten Teachers

By Clayton, Stanley G.; Lewis, T.L.T.; Pinker, G.D., Stanley G., Lewis, T.L.T., Pinker

A Manual of Neonatal Intensive Care

By Roberton, N. R. C.

Neonatal Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care (Current Topics in Anaesthesia S.)

By Hatch, David J., Sumner, Edward

A Pocket Book for Intensive Care: Data, Drugs and Procedures

By Tinker, Jack, Jones, Simon N.

Pathology for the Primary Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons

By Gardner, D.L., Tweedle, D.E.F.

Surgical Problems in Clinical Practice

By Fry, John, Berry, Hedley E.

Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing

By Verran, B., Aisbitt, P.


By Reid, Norma G, Boore, J R P

Physiology Illustrated

By Lippold, Olof, Cogdell, Barbara, O., B.

Clinical Chemistry in Diagnosis and Treatment

By Zilva, Joan F., Pannall, P.R., Mayne, Philip D.

Anaesthesia and Malignant Disease

By Filshie, Jacqueline, Robbie, Douglas S.

AIDS: A Strategy for Nursing Care

By Pratt CBE FRCN, Robert J., Wells, Richard J.

Changing Nursing Practice

By Wright, Stephen S.

Multiple Choice Questions in Human Physiology: With Answers and Explanatory Comments (Multiple Choice Questions Series)

By Roddie, Ian C., Wallace, William F. M.

Aphasia Therapy (Studies in Language Disability & Remediation)

By Code, Christopher, Müller, Dave J.

Principles of Exercise Therapy

By Mary Dena Gardiner, Gardiner, Mary Dena

Male Nurse (LSE Social Administration Occasional Papers)

By Brown, R.G.S., Stones, R.W.H.

Pocket Book of Exercise Therapy

By Gardiner, M. Deena

Lowson's Textbook of Botany

By E. W. Simon, K. J. Dormer and J. N. Hartshorne

Advanced Human Biology

By Simpkins, J., Williams, J.I.

Black's Medical Dictionary

By Thomson, William A.R.

Black's Medical Dictionary

By Thomson, William A.R.

Black's Medical Dictionary

By Thomson, William A.R.

The Complete Guide to Sport Motivation (Complete Guides)

By Hodge, Ken

Fertility: Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning

By Clubb, Elizabeth, Knight, Jane