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Multiple Choice Questions in Pathology: With Answers and Explanatory Comments (Multiple Choice Questions Series)

By Brown, I.L.

Earthworm Biology: no. 161 (Studies in Biology)

By Wallwork, John A.

Antibiotics and Antimicrobial Action: 90 (Studies in Biology)

By Hammond, S.M., Lambert, P.A., Peter A. Lambert

Haemoglobin: 93 (Studies in Biology)

By Maclean, Norman

Microorganisms: Function, Form and Environment

By Hawker, Lilian E., Linton, Alan H.

The Structure and Function of Viruses: 95 (Studies in Biology)

By Horne, Robert W.

Biological Clocks: 104 (Studies in Biology)

By Brady, John

Field and Laboratory Exercises in Ecology

By Wratten, Stephen D., Fry, Gary L.A.

Introductory Statistics for Biology: No 43 (Studies in Biology)

By Parker, Reginald Ernest

Microorganisms and Man: 111 (Studies in Biology)

By Noble, W. C., Naidoo, Jay

An Introduction to Parasitology: 4 (Studies in Biology)

By Wilson, Robert Alan

Plants and Water: No 14 (Studies in Biology)

By Sutcliffe, James

Nerves, Brains and Behaviour: 114 (Studies in Biology)

By Messenger, V.B.

The Structure and Function of Enzymes: No 42 (Studies in Biology)

By Wynn, Colin H.

The Biology of Respiration (Studies in Biology)

By Bryant, Christopher

Endogenous Plant Growth Substances: no. 40 (Studies in Biology)

By Hill, Thomas A.

Light and Plant Life: no. 124 (Studies in Biology)

By Whatley, Jean M.

Fungal Saprophytism (Studies in Biology)

By Hudson, Harry J.

The Ecology of Streams and Rivers: No 122 (Studies in Biology)

By Townsend, Colin R.

Lipids and Polysaccharides in Biology: no. 125 (Studies in Biology)

By Furth, Anna J.

Bioenergetics of Autotrophs and Heterotrophs (Studies in Biology)

By Anderson, John W.

Comparative Neurobiology (Contemporary Biology S.)

By Peter J. Mill

The Evolution of Eukaryotic Cells: 131 (Studies in Biology)

By Tribe, Michael A., etc., Morgan, Andrew J.

Ecological Evaluation for Conservation: No 133 (Studies in Biology)

By Spellerberg, I. F.

The Biology of Parasitic Protozoa: 138 (Studies in Biology)

By Baker, John R.

Chemistry of the Cell (Studies in Biology)

By Barker, Geoffrey R.

Malaria (Studies in Biology)

By Phillips, R. S., R.S.

Ageing: no. 151 (Studies in Biology)

By Davies, Ioan

Biological Fuels: no. 153 (Studies in Biology)

By Lewis, C.

The Diversity of Green Plants (Contemporary Biology S.)

By Peter R. Bell, Christopher L.F. Woodcock