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Cadbury's Novelty Cookbook

By Dunbar, Patricia

The Complete Book of Microwave Cooking

By Bowen, Carol

Cooking with a Wok

By Jones, Bridget

Potato Cookery (Hamlyn cookshelf series)

By Collister, Linda.

Saxa Book of Seasoning

By Monica Mawson

Poultry and Game Cook Book (Rainbow Books)

By Wilson, Mitzie

Heidi. Adapted By Jasmine Atterbury.

By bridget-jones

Busy Mum's Baking Book

By Craig, Wendy


By Patten, Marguerite

Wok Cookery (Boots Cookshop)

By Bridget Jones

Fondue Recipes Bts


Boots Cookshop: Food Processor Cookbook

By Norwak, Mary

International cookery (Hamlyn favourite cookbooks)

By Annette Wolter

Hitachi Microwave Cookbook Prem

Combination Microwave Cook Book

By Jones, Bridget

Cooking the Barbecue Way

By Audrey Ellis

Entertaining from Your Freezer

By Ellis, Audrey

Designing and Planting Your Garden

By Heller, Arthur

Fondue Cook Book

By Burt, Alison

Fresh Vegetables and Herbs from Your Garden

By Thrower, Percy

The 'Farmer's Wife' cook book: Country recipes from farmers' wives

By Patten, Marguerite

Hamlyn's Fondue Cookbook (Hardcover)

By Spencer, Jill

Recipes and Hints for Freezing (500 Recipes)

By Ellis, Audrey

Hamlyn All Colour Cook Book (Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook)

By Mary Berry, Ann Body, Audrey Ellis

Herb and Spice Cookery

By Mawson, Monica

All Colour Book of Indoor and Greenhouse Plants

By Hellyer, A.G.L.

Herbs (Country crafts)

Complete Indian Cook Book

By Pandya, Michael

Complete Book of Desserts

By Doeser, Linda

Meals in Minutes (500 Recipes)

By Kirkpatrick, Catherine