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The Principles and Practice of Export Marketing (CIM Professional Development)

By Hibbert, E.P.

Haematology (Integrated clinical science)

By Cawley, J. C.

Profile of the Hotel and Catering Industry

By Medlik, S., Airey, D. W.

Food and Beverage Management

By Fearn, David A.

Local Anaesthesia in Dentistry (Dental Practical Handbooks)

By Howe, Geoffrey L., Whitehead, F.I.H.

An Outline of Oral Surgery: Pt. 2 (Dental Practical Handbooks)

By Killey, H.C., etc., Seward, G.R., Kay, L.W.

Fractures of the Mandible (Dental Practical Handbooks)

By Killey, H.C., Banks, Peter

Paediatric Otolaryngology (v. 6) (Scott-Brown's Otolaryngology)

By Evans, N.G., Brown, W.G.Scott-, Kerr, A.G., Groves, J.

Symptoms in Eye Examination

By Ball, Geoffrey V.

Binocular Vision Anomalies

By Pickwell, David

Visual Problems in Childhood

By Buckingham, Terry 1v (Contact Lenses: A Textbook for Practitioner and Student)

By Stone, Janet, Phillips, Anthony J.

Skeletal Radiography

By Bull, Sheila

Fractures of the Middle Third of the Facial Skeleton

By Killey, H.C., Banks, Peter

Antenatal Investigations

By Boyle, Maureen

Treatment and Use of Sewage Effluent for Irrigation

By Pescod, M.B., Arar, A.

Law and Management in Optometric Practice

By Taylor, Steve, Austen, David P.

Marketing Communications Strategy (CIM Student Workbook S.: Diploma)

By Yeshin, Tony

Market-led Strategic Change: Making Marketing Happen in Your Organization (Professional Development S.)

By Piercy, Nigel

International Marketing Communications (Marketing Series: Student)

By Griffin, Tom

PRINCE: A Practical Handbook (Computer Weekly Professional)

By Bradley, Ken

How Computers Work (Maplin S.)

By Dixey, Graham

Measurements from Maps: Principles and Methods of Cartometry

By Maling, D.H.

Research in Classrooms: Study of Teachers, Teaching and Instruction

By Anderson, Lorin W., Burns, R. B.

Systemic Inflammatory Disease and the Eye

By Dinning, W.J.

A Handbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology: A Guide for Housemen and Midwives

By Ledward, R. S.

External Eye Disease (v. 3) (International Medical Reviews)

By Easty, David, Smolin, Gilbert

The Eye in Contact Lens Wear

By Larke, J.R.


By Campbell, John

Medical Practice in a Multicultural Society

By Fuller, J., Toon, P.