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Traditional Buildings of Britain: Introduction to Vernacular Architecture

By Brunskill, R. W.

Firespell: The Dark Elite

By Neill, Chloe

Special Operations Europe: Scenes from the Anti-Nazi War

By Davidson, Basil

The Sporting Wife: Game and Fish Cooking

By Hargreaves, Barbara

Charmfall: A Novel of the Dark Elite

By Neill, Chloe

Hexbound: A Novel of the Dark Elite

By Neill, Chloe

Coming Home: A Dog's True Story

By Harriott, Ted, Kopper, L.

The Zoo in the Attic

By Hilary McKay, Tony Kenyon

The Pillars of Creation

By Goodkind, Terry

Soul of the Fire

By Goodkind, Terry

I Am Legend (GOLLANCZ S.F.)

By Matheson, Richard

Dark Forge: Masters and Mages Book Two (Masters & Mages)

By Cameron, Miles

Cold Iron: Masters and Mages Book One (Masters & Mages)

By Cameron, Miles

The Tragedies and Romances (v. 2) (Tales from Shakespeare)

By Green, Roger Lancelyn

The Wisdom of Crowds: The Riotous Conclusion to The Age of Madness

By Abercrombie, Joe

Shakespeare's Christmas: A Lily Bard Mystery

By Harris, Charlaine

The Tower of the Swallow

By Sapkowski, Andrzej, French, David

Crowfall: The Raven's Mark Book Three

By McDonald, Ed

Ravencry: The Raven's Mark Book Two

By McDonald, Ed

The Red Wolf Conspiracy: The Chathrand Voyage, Book One

By Robert V.S. Redick

A Plague of Swords

By Cameron, Miles

The Fell Sword: The historical fantasy with battle scenes full of authenticity (The Traitor Son Cycle)

By Cameron, Miles

The Tower of Fools: From the bestselling author of THE WITCHER series comes a new fantasy (The Hussite Trilogy)

By Sapkowski, Andrzej, French, David

The Dread Wyrm: Book 3

By Cameron, Miles

Roadside Picnic: Boris Strugatsky & Arkady Strugatsky

By Boris Strugatsky, Arkady Strugatsky

Compact Discworld: The Light Fantastic

By Pratchett, Terry

Compact Discworld : Equal Rites

By Pratchett, Terry

Compact Discworld: Mort

By Pratchett, Terry

Fevre Dream: The 40th anniversary of a classic southern gothic novel

By Martin, George R.R.

Lucy and Tom's Christmas

By Hughes, Shirley