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America Day By Day

By de Beauvoir, Simone

Language Truth & Logic

By A. J. Ayer

Mythago Wood

By Holdstock, Robert

High Fidelity

By Hornby, Nick

Henry and Mudge in Puddle Trouble

By Rylant, Cynthia, Stevenson, Sucie

Nursery Cats

By Higham, Jon Atlas

Redshirts: The laugh out loud meta sci fi adventure

By Scalzi, John

Absolution Gap: Alastair Reynolds (Revelation Space Sequence)

By Reynolds, Alastair

The Medusa Chronicles

By Reynolds, Alastair, Baxter, Stephen


By Matheopoulos, Helena

The Drowned World: No.17 (S.F. MASTERWORKS)

By Ballard, J.G.

Time's Eye: A Time Odyssey Book One (GOLLANCZ S.F.)

By Clarke, Sir Arthur C., Baxter, Stephen

Revelation Space

By Reynolds, Alastair

Woken Furies (Gollancz S.F.): Netflix Altered Carbon book 3

By Morgan, Richard

Olympos (GOLLANCZ S.F.)

By Simmons, Dan

Pushing Ice (GOLLANCZ S.F.)

By Reynolds, Alastair

Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days (GOLLANCZ S.F.)

By Reynolds, Alastair

Zima Blue

By Reynolds, Alastair

The Lurker at the Threshold

By Lovecraft, H. P., Derleth, August

The Wind's Twelve Quarters

By Le Guin, Ursula K.

How it Feels to Fight for Your Life

By Krementz, Jill

Asimov: The Unauthorised Life

By White, Michael

The Lord of Middle Air

By Rohan, Michael Scott


By Anderson, Poul

Things I Make with Cloth

By Lohf, Sabine

Minority Report: Philip K. Dick

By Dick, Philip K

Gods, Graves and Scholars: The Story of Archaeology

By Ceram, C.W.

An African Treasury: Stories, Poems, Essays Etcetera Selected by Langston Hughes

By Various

Bedside Manna: More Recipes for Body and Soul

By Blue, Lionel

Flowers for Algernon: 14 (Gollancz Classic SF)

By Keyes, Daniel