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Three Early Novels: The Man Who Japed, Dr. Futurity, Vulcan's Hammer

By Dick, Philip K.

The Descent

By Jeff Long, Long, Jeff

The Bicentennial Man

By Asimov, Isaac

Minority Report: Volume Four Of The Collected Stories

By Dick, Philip K.

Eric: Discworld: The Unseen University Collection: 9 (Discworld series, 9)

By Pratchett, Terry

The Book Of The New Sun: Volume 1: Shadow and Claw (Fantasy Masterworks)

By WOLFE, Gene

Destiny (GOLLANCZ S.F.)

By Haydon, Elizabeth

The Glass-Blowers

By Daphne Du Maurier

Blue Moon Rising

By Green, Simon R.

Storm Warning: Bk. 1 (Mage Storms S.)

By Lackey, Mercedes

T2: Rising Storm (GOLLANCZ S.F.)

By Stirling, S. M.

Cities In Flight (S.F. MASTERWORKS)

By Blish, James


By Holdstock, Robert

Metro 2033: The novels that inspired the bestselling games

By Dmitry Glukhovsky


By Egan, Greg


By Geoff Ryman

Polystom (GOLLANCZ S.F.)

By Roberts, Adam

The Flies of Memory

By Watson, Ian


By Egan, Greg


By Grimwood, Ken

When family failed

By Nigel Middleton

Bedside Manna: More Recipes for Body and Soul

By Blue, Lionel

A Scanner Darkly (GOLLANCZ S.F.)

By Dick, Philip K.

Dancers and their world

By Susan Lester

The Lost Child

By Ash, Sarah

Triffic: a Rare Pig's Tale (OME)

By Dick King-Smith, Liz Graham-Yooll

Pushing Ice

By Reynolds, Alastair

Blood of Elves: Witcher 1 – Now a major Netflix show (The Witcher)

By Sapkowski, Andrzej, Colucci, Alejandro, Stok, Danusia

The Last Wish: Introducing the Witcher - Now a major Netflix show

By Sapkowski, Andrzej, Stok, Danusia

Baptism of Fire: Witcher 3 – Now a major Netflix show (The Witcher)

By Sapkowski, Andrzej, French, David