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Firespell: The Dark Elite

By Neill, Chloe

Traditional Buildings of Britain: Introduction to Vernacular Architecture

By Brunskill, R. W.

The Simplicity of Playing the Violin

By Herbert Whone, foreword by Colin Davis

The Blood And The Shroud

By Wilson, Ian

Emma V.I.P.

By Hocken, Sheila

Stand On Zanzibar

By Brunner, John

The Masks of Time

By Silverberg, Robert


By Pragoff, Fiona

Best Served Cold (World of the First Law)

By Abercrombie, Joe

Hunter's Moon (Gollancz S.F.)

By Devereux, David

Witch World

By Norton, Andre


By Aiken, Joan

Year of the Unicorn (Witch world)

By Norton, Andre

Always Coming Home

By Le Guin, Ursula K.

Star Gate

By Norton, Andre

Star Man's Son

By Norton, Andre

We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (Collected Short Stories of Philip K. Dick)

By Philip K. Dick, Thomas M. Disch

Julian's Glorious Summer

By Cameron, Ann, Strugnell

The Heroes (World of the First Law)

By Abercrombie, Joe

Sword of Destiny: Tales of the Witcher – Now a major Netflix show

By Sapkowski, Andrzej, French, David

Henry and Mudge

By Rylant, Cynthia, Stevenson, Sucie

The Left Hand of Darkness (S.F. MASTERWORKS): A groundbreaking feminist literary masterpiece

By Ursula K. Le Guin

The Wind from the Sun

By Clarke, Arthur C.

The Death House

By Pinborough, Sarah

The Musical Companion

By Bacharach, Alfred Louis, Pearce, John R.

Riding the Mountains Down

By Selby, Bettina

The Complete Chronicles of Conan: Centenary Edition

By Robert E. Howard, Stephen Jones

Before They Are Hanged: The First Law: Book Two

By Abercrombie, Joe

The Blade Itself: The First Law: Book One: 1

By Abercrombie, Joe

Crowfall: The Raven's Mark Book Three

By McDonald, Ed