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Michael O'Mara

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F My Life: And You Thought You'd Had a Bad Day...

By Guedj, Didier, Valette, Maxime, Passaglia, Guillaume

1 available

Lost in Translation: Misadventures in English Abroad

By Croker, Charlie

1 available

The 25 Rules of Grammar: The Essential Guide to Good English

By Piercy, Joseph

1 available

Remember, Remember (The Fifth of November): The History of Britain in Bite-Sized Chunks

By Parkinson, Judy

1 available

Spilling the Beans on the Cat's Pyjamas: Popular Expressions - What They Mean and Where We Got Them (I Used to Know That ...)

By Parkinson, Judy

2 available

Spilling the Beans on the Cat's Pyjamas: Popular Expressions - What They Mean and Where We Got Them

By Parkinson, Judy

1 available

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud...: and other poems you half-remember from school

By Sampson, Ana

1 available

An Apple A Day: Old-Fashioned Proverbs and Why They Still Work

By Taggart, Caroline

1 available

10-Minute Brain Games: Words and Language

By Moore, Gareth

One Bloody Thing After Another: The World's Gruesome History

By Jacob F. Field

Where's The Meerkat? On Holiday

By Moran, Paul

Where's the Zombie?: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Adventure (Buster Activity)

By Moran, Paul

Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area: Driven Crazy by the Modern World?

By Martin, Chris

How to Think Like Sherlock: Improve Your Powers of Observation, Memory and Deduction

By Smith, Daniel

The Book Lovers' Companion: What to Read Next

By Various

Mr Thrifty's How to Save Money

By Furnival, Jane

Everyday Maths for Grown-ups: Getting to grips with the basics

By Poskitt, Kjartan

WAN2TLK? Ltle Bk of Txt Msgs.

By Michael O'Mara Books

How to Hypnotize A Chicken - Make Sure You're The Best At Everything

By Dominique Enright and Gus Macdonald, Samantha Barnes and Philippa Wingate, Nikalas Catlow

The Pedant's Revolt: Why Most Things You Think Are Right Are Wrong

By Barham, Andrea

Think Small: The Surprisingly Simple Ways to Reach Big Goals

By Service, Owain, Gallagher, Dr Rory

Screw It!: Traditional Male Skills That Every Woman Should Know

By Smith, Aubrey

Cheryl Cole: Her Story - The Unauthorized Biography

By Sanderson, Gerard

How to Be a Cat: Kitty Pusskin's Guide to Living with Humans and Getting the Upper Paw

By Pusskin, Kitty, Leigh, Mark

Our History of the 20th Century: As Told in Diaries, Journals and Letters

By Elborough, Travis

Being Cheryl

By Edwards, Jo

Katie and Alex: The Inside Story

By Maloney, Alison

The Book Club Bible: The Definitive Guide That Every Book Club Member Needs

By Foreword by Lionel Shriver

One for Sorrow: A Book of Old-Fashioned Lore

By Rhodes, Chloe

Black Cats and Evil Eyes: A Book of Old-Fashioned Superstitions

By Rhodes, Chloe