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The Republic (Penguin Classics)

By Plato, Desmond Lee, Desmond Lee

1 available

Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis (Penguin 60s S.)

By Freud, Sigmund

1 available

Europe (v. 2) (Penguin reference books)

By Thorlby, Anthony K.

1 available

Port Out, Starboard HomeThe Fascinating Stories We Tell About the Words We Use

By Quinion, Michael

1 available

The Complaisant Lover (Penguin plays)

By Greene, Graham

1 available

30-minute Suppers (Penguin 60s S.)

By Slater, Nigel

1 available

The Medium is the Massage

By McLuhan, Marshall, Fiore, Quentin

1 available

The Thief's Journal (Modern Classics)

By Genet, Jean, Frechtman, B.

1 available

On Friendship

By Montaigne, Michel De; Cohen, J.M.

1 available


By Jackson, Alison

1 available

Islam in the World (Pelican S.)

By Ruthven, Malise

1 available

Down the Yangtze (Penguin 60s S.)

By Theroux, Paul

1 available

Coursebook (Stage 1) (Penguin education)

By Broughton, Geoffrey, Blake, Quentin

1 available

Success with English: Workbk Stage 1 (Penguin English)

By Barnard, Geoffrey

2 available

Success with English: Tchrs'.Handbook Stage 1 (Penguin education)

By Broughton, Geoffrey, Barnett, J.A., Greenwood, Thomas

1 available

"Time Out" Film Guide ("Time Out" Guides)

By Pym, John

1 available

Five German Tragedies (Classics)

By Lessing, Gotthold, etc., Lamport, F.J.

1 available

Walt Whitman: A Critical Anthology

By Murphy, Francis

Farewell to My Concubine

By Lee, Lilian, Lingenfelter, Andrea

The Apprentices (Modern Playwrights)

By Terson, Peter

Necessity of Art: A Marxist Approach

By Fischer, Ernst

Zigger Zagger and Mooney and his caravans (Mod. Playwrights S) 2 plays

By Terson, Peter

Tradition and Dream

By Allen, Walter

Life in a Secondary Modern School (Pelican S.)

By Partridge, John

Culture Against Man

By Henry, Jules

White Fang (Level 3) (The Penguin English Library)

By London, Jack

The Justice of the Peace (British Institutions S.)

By Moir, Esther

"Time Out" Film Guide ("Time Out" Guides)

By Pym, John, Andrew, Geoff

"Time Out" Rome Guide ("Time Out" Guides)

By Penguin Books

Dear Lord James (Penguin education specials)

By Burgess, Tyrrell