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Lost Languages: The Enigma of the World's Undeciphered Scripts

By Andrew Robinson

1 available

The Sky: Order and Chaos (New Horizons)

By Jean-Pierre Verdet, Anthony Zielonka

1 available

The Search for Ancient Greece (New Horizons)

By Roland Etienne, Francoise Etienne

1 available

Moving Pixels: Blockbuster Animation, Digital Art and 3D Modelling Today

By Peter Weishar, Phil Tippett

1 available

Indian Wisdom 365 Days

By Danielle Föllmi, Olivier Föllmi

1 available

Wren (World of Art)

By Margaret Whinney

1 available

The City of Akhenaten and Nefertiti: Amarna and its People (New Aspects of Antiquity)

By Barry Kemp

Jazz (World of Art)

By Mervyn Cooke

Fashion Illustration Now

By Laird Borrelli

The Wisdom of the Buddha (New Horizons)

By Jean Boisselier

Persia and the West: An Archaeological Investigation of the Genesis of Achaemenid Art

By John Boardman

Chinese Art: 0 (World of Art)

By Mary Tregear

Romanticism and Art: World of Art Series (E)

By Vaughan, WILLIAM

Futurism: -World of Art Series- (E)

By Caroline Tisdall, Angelo Bozzolla

The Pharaoh: Life at Court and on Campaign

By Garry J. Shaw

The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt

By Richard H. Wilkinson

The Great Archaeologists

By Brian Fagan

The Complete Cities of Ancient Egypt

By Snape, Steven

The Curator's Handbook: Museums, Commercial Galleries, Independent Spaces

By Adrian George

The Irish: A Photohistory 1840-1940

By Sean Sexton, Christine Kinealy

20th Century Ceramics: (World of Art Series)

By Mr Edmund De Waal

Living with Leonardo

By Martin Kemp

The Self-Portrait: A Cultural History

By James Hall

The Most Beautiful Country Towns of England

By Hugh Palmer

How to Write About Contemporary Art

By Williams, Gilda

Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Man (New Horizons)

By Alessandro Vezzosi

The Complete Valley of the Kings: Tombs and Treasures of Egypt's Greatest Pharaohs: 0

By Reeves, Nicholas, Wilkinson, Richard H.

Greece: Splendours of an Ancient Civilization

By Furio Durando


By Derhy, Max, Baudot, Francois

Don McCullin: 0 (Photofile)

By Pledge, Robert, Deschavanne, Dominique