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Sociology of Postmodernism (International Library of Sociology)

By Lash, Dr Scott

Creating Public Value: Strategic Management in Government

By MH Moore

From Max Weber: Essays in Sociology (Routledge Classics in Sociology)

By Max Weber, H. H. Gerth, C. Wright Mills, Bryan S. Turner

Fundamentals of Sociology

By McNeill, Patrick, Townley, Charles

Introducing Data Analysis for Social Scientists

By Rose, David, Sullivan, O.

Readings from Emile Durkheim (Key Texts S.)

By Thompson, Prof Kenneth

An Introduction to Sociology

By Ken Browne

Stardom: Industry of Desire

By Gledhill, Christine

Understanding News (Studies in Culture and Communication)

By Hartley, John

Divided Europe: Society and Territory

By Hudson, Ray, Williams, Allan M

Magazine Production (Media Skills)

By Whittaker, Jason

Teaching the Media (Comedia)

By Masterman, Len

Media Ethics

By Kieran, Matthew

Beyond Technology: Children's Learning in the Age of Digital Culture

By David Buckingham

Soap Opera

By Hobson, Dorothy

Media Education: Literacy, Learning and Contemporary Culture

By Buckingham, David

Serfdom and Slavery: Studies in Legal Bondage

By Bush, M. L.

Cinema & Cultural Modernity (Issues in Cultural and Media Studies (Paperback))

By Branston, Gill

A2 Media Studies: The Essential Revision Guide for AQA

By Barker, Jo, Wall, Peter

Ill Effects: The Media Violence Debate (Communication and Society)

By Barker, Martin, Petley, Julian

Power of Identity (v.2) (Information Age Series)

By Castells, Manuel

End of Organized Capitalism

By Lash, Scott, Urry, John

Foucault, Health and Medicine

By Bunton, Robin, Petersen, Alan

Qualitative Research: Theory, Method and Practice

By Silverman, David

Social Theory in the Real World

By Miles, Steven

Risk, Health and Welfare


Resisting McDonaldization

By Smart, Barry

Consumer Culture and Modernity

By Slater, Don

Professionalism Reborn: Theory, Prophecy and Policy

By Freidson, Eliot

Birth of the Clinic (Social Science Paperbacks)

By Foucault, Michel, Smith, A.M.S.