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Professionalism Reborn: Theory, Prophecy and Policy

By Freidson, Eliot

Birth of the Clinic (Social Science Paperbacks)

By Foucault, Michel, Smith, A.M.S.

All You Need To Know About Action Research

By McNiff, Jean, Whitehead, A Jack

Summer of the Gods: Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion

By Larson, Edward

Aristocratic Century: The Peerage of Eighteenth-Century England (The Wiles Lectures)

By Cannon

You and Your Action Research Project

By McNiff, Jean, Lomax, Pamela, Whitehead, Jack

Managing in Health and Social Care

By Martin, Vivien, Charlesworth, Julie, Henderson, Euan

Theories of the Information Society (International Library of Sociology)

By Webster, Frank

The New Oxford Guide to Writing

By Kane, Thomas S.

The Babylonian Genesis: The Story of the Creation (Phoenix Books)

By Heidel, Alexander

The Chosen Species: The Long March of Human Evolution

By Arsuaga, Juan Luis

Dictionary of Media Studies

By Publishing, Bloomsbury

Power: A Radical View

By Lukes, Steven

The Origins of the British Welfare State: Society, State and Social Welfare in England and Wales, 1800-1945

By Harris, Bernard

Voluntary Organisations and Social Policy in Britain: Perspectives on Change and Choice

By Harris, Margaret, Rochester, Colin

Cross-Cultural Child Development for Social Workers: An Introduction

By Robinson, Lena

Angles on Environmental Psychology (Angles on Psychology)

By Russell, Julia, Roberts, Craig

Young People and Social Change (Sociology and Social Change)

By Furlong

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Archaeology (Oxford Paperback Reference)

By Darvill, Timothy

Ageism (Themes in the Twentieth Century)

By Bytheway, Bill

Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization

By Coghlan, David, Brannick, Teresa

Theories of Crime and Punishment

By Valier, Claire

Frameworks of Power (Psychology)

By Clegg, Stewart R

The New Production of Knowledge: The Dynamics of Science and Research in Contemporary Societies

By Michael Gibbons, Camille Limoges, Helga Nowotny, Simon Schwartzman, Peter Scott

Media Discourses: Analysing Media Texts (UK Higher Education OUP Humanities & Social Sciences Media, Film & Cultural Studies)

By Matheson, Donald

The Emotionally Intelligent Social Worker

By Howe, David

Social Work Theories in Context: Creating Frameworks for Practice

By Healy, Dr Karen

Social Work with Young People (Social Work in Theory and Practice): 4

By Smith, Pro Roger

Courtroom Skills for Social Workers (Transforming Social Work Practice Series)

By Seymour, Clare, Richard B.

The Social Construction of Man, the State and War: Identity, Conflict, and Violence in Former Yugoslavia

By Wilmer, Franke