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Anthropological Customs

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Much Depends On Dinner: The Extraordinary History And Mythology, Allure And Obsessions, Perils And Taboos of an Ordinary Meal

By Visser, Margaret

1 available

British Food: An Extraordinary Thousand Years of History

By Spencer, Colin

1 available

Carnival in Venice

By Rowen, Shirley, Rowen, David

1 available

The Sign And The Seal: Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant

By Hancock, Graham

1 available

Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't be Wrong: What Makes the French So French?

By Nadeau, Jean-Benoit

1 available

The Drifters

By Michener, James A.

1 available

A Slice of Life: British Way of Eating Since 1945

By Hardyment, Christina

1 available

Coast: A Celebration of Britain's Coastal Heritage

By Somerville, Christopher

3 available

Queuing for Beginners: The Story of Daily Life From Breakfast to Bedtime

By Moran, Joe

1 available


By Lambton, Lucinda

1 available

Photography and Death: Framing Death throughout History (Emerald Studies in Death and Culture)

By Racheal Harris

1 available

Mutton and Oysters: Food, Cooking and Eating in Victorian Times

By Freeman, Sarah

1 available

The Year Of Eating Dangerously: A Global Adventure in Search of Culinary Extremes

By Parker Bowles, Tom

1 available


By Froud, Brian

Shoes. A Lexicon of Style

By Steele, Valerie

Dead as Doornails: A Memoir

By Cronin, Anthony

Can Reindeer Fly?: The Science of Christmas

By Highfield, Roger

Can Reindeer Fly?: The Science of Christmas

By Highfield, Roger

Jane Austen Fashion

By Byrde, Penelope

How to be Brilliant at Christmas Time

By Valerie Edgar, Darin Mount

The Undutchables: An Observation of the Netherlands, Its Culture and Its Inhabitants

By White, Colin R., Boucke, Laurie

Exploring Culture: Exercises, Stories and Synthetic Cultures

By Hofstede, Geert, Hofstede, Gert Jan, Pedersen, Paul B.

On Route

By Nindi, Pax

Royal Wedding Dresses

By Arch, Nigel, Marschner, Joanna

Goth: Identity, Style and Subculture

By Hodkinson, Paul

The French

By Zeldin, Theodore

Egyptian Mummies: Unravelling the Secrets of an Ancient Art

By Brier, Robert (Bob) M.

The Unexplained

By Randles, Jenny

The History of Atlantis

By Spence, Lewis

The Mummy, The: A History of the Extraordinary Practices of Ancient Egypt

By Budge, Sir Ernest Alfred Wallace