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Anthropological Customs

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Borders: Frontiers of Identity, Nation and State

By Donnan, Hastings, Wilson, Thomas M.

The World's Strangest Foods (Library of Weird)

By Alicia Z. Klepeis

The Search for the Perfect Pub: Looking For the Moon Under Water

By Moody, Paul, Turner, Robin

The Poetics of Military Occupation: Mzeina Allegories of Bedouin Identity Under Israeli and Egyptian Rule

By Lavie, Smadar

Unwrapping Christmas (Oxford Studies in Social & Cultural Anthropology: Cultural Forms)

By Miller, Daniel

Living and Working in Britain: A Survival Handbook (Living and Working)

By David Hampshire

The Western Island, or Great Blasket (Oxford Paperbacks)

By Flower, Robin, Flower, Ida M.

My Birthday Party (Reading Corner)

By Wade, Barrie

In Pursuit of the English

By Lessing, Doris

Bushido Soul of Japan

By Nitobe, Inazo

Social Class in Modern Britain

By Marshall, Professor Gordon, etc., Rose, David, Newby, Howard, Vogler, Carolyn M.

Ritual Sacrifice: An Illustrated History

By Lewis, Brenda Ralph


By Costantino, Mario, Gambella, Lawrence R.

Ever since Adam and Eve: The Evolution of Human Sexuality

By Potts, Malcolm, Short, Roger

Baths and Bathing in Classical Antiquity (Architectural History Foundation Books)

By Yegul, Fikret

Investigating Food in History

By Chaney, Lisa

The Twentieth Century (Visual Sources S.)

By Lane, Peter

Atlantis: The Andes Solution

By Allen, Jim M.


By SHILS, Edward.

Modernity and Its Malcontents: Ritual and Power in Postcolonial Africa

By Comaroff, Jean, John L.

The Female Circumcision Controversy: An Anthropological Perspective

By Ellen Gruenbaum

Respect in a World of Inequality

By Sennett, Richard

A Colonial Lexicon: Of Birth Ritual, Medicalization, and Mobility in the Congo (Body, Commodity, Text)

By Hunt, Nancy Rose

Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History

By Schutt, Bill

Culture and Customs of Rwanda (Culture & Customs of Africa) (Cultures and Customs of the World)

By Julius O. Adekunle

An Intellectual History of Cannibalism

By Avramescu, catalin

Food in the Social Order (Mary Douglas: Collected Works)

By Douglas, Mary

Meat: A Natural Symbol

By Fiddes, Nick

Eating the Enlightenment: Food and the Sciences in Paris, 1670-1760

By Spary, E. C.

Cannibalism and the Colonial World: 5 (Cultural Margins, Series Number 5)

By Barker, Francis, Hulme, Peter, Iversen, Margaret