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Anthropological Customs

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By Bayley, Stephen

The Language of Clothes

By Lurie, Alison

African Material Culture (African Systems of Thought)


Information and Communication Technologies in Everyday Life: v. 1 (Textile)

By Ross, Doran, Jefferies, Professor Janis, Barnett, Pennina

My Easter (Little Nippers: Festivals)

By Monica Hughes

Inventing the American Primitive: Politics, Gender and the Representation of Native American Literary Traditions, 1789-1936

By Carr, Helen

Hong Kong - Culture Smart!: the Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

By Clare Vickers, Vickie Chan, Culture Smart!

Feast: Why Humans Share Food

By Jones, Martin

Peasant Customs and Savage Myths: v. 1: Selections from the British Folklorists (Peasant Customs and Savage Myths: Selections from the British Folklorists)

By Dorson, Richard Mercer

Thinking Through the Skin (Transformations)

By Ahmed, Sara, Stacey, Jackie

The Mummies of Urumchi

By Elizabeth W. Barber

The Tomb Of God: Unlocking the code to a 2000-year-old mystery

By Andrews, Richard, Schellenberger, Paul

Keeper Of Genesis

By Bauval, Robert, Hancock, Graham

Lionheart Gal: Lives of Women in Jamaica

By Sistren Theatre Collective, Sistren, Smith, Honor Ford

The Hidden People of North Korea: Everyday Life in the Hermit Kingdom

By Hassig, Ralph C., Oh, Kongdan

Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes: Life and Language in the Amazonian Jungle (Vintage Departures)

By Everett, Daniel L

Rules Britannia: The 101 Essential Questions of Britishness Answered - From How to Keep a Stiff Upper Lip to Who Ate All the Pies

By Rohan Candappa, Antony Cockayne