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Researching Social Life

By Gilbert, Nigel

School-based Research: A Guide for Education Students

By Wilson, Elaine

The Landscape of Qualitative Research

By Denzin, Norman K., Lincoln, Yvonna S.

Survey Research Methods (Applied Social Research Methods)

By Fowler, Floyd J.

Investigating the Social World: The Process and Practice of Research

By Schutt, Russell K.

Applied Thematic Analysis

By Guest, Greg S., Macqueen, Kathleen M., Namey, Emily E.

Designing Surveys: A Guide to Decisions and Procedures

By Blair, Johnny, Czaja, Ronald F., Blair, Edward

Methods for Policy Research: Taking Socially Responsible Action: 03 (Applied Social Research Methods)

By Majchrzak, Ann, Markus, M. Lynne

Bringing Up Boys

By Dobson, James Dr.

The Surrendered Wife: A Practical Guide To Finding Intimacy, Passion And Peace With Your Man

By Doyle, Laura

Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning

By Davenport, Thomas H., Harris, Jeanne G.

Research Methods in the Social Sciences

By Frankfort-Nachmias C.

Global Citizenship Education in Post-Secondary Institutions: Theories, Practices, Policies- Foreword by Indira V. Samarasekera: 35 (Complicated Conversation)

By Shultz, Lynette, Abdi, Ali A., Richardson, George H.

Watching the English: The International Bestseller Revised and Updated

By Fox, Kate

Action Research in Education: Learning Through Practitioner Enquiry

By Vivienne Baumfield, Elaine Hall, Kate Wall, Hall, Elaine, Wall, Kate

A Student's Guide to Methodology: Justifying Enquiry

By Peter Clough, Cathy Nutbrown

The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers

By Salda\Xf1a, Johnny

Doing Qualitative Research: A Practical Handbook

By Silverman, David

Doing Research in the Real World

By Gray, David E

Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age (Texts in Computer Science)

By Kizza, Joseph Migga

Research ethics in the real world: Euro-Western and Indigenous Perspectives

By Helen Kara

Data in Society: Challenging Statistics in an Age of Globalisation

By Evans, Jeff, Ruane, Sally, Southall, Humphrey

Tribal Peoples for Tomorrow's World

By Corry, Stephen

Archaeologies of Mobility and Movement: 35 (Contributions To Global Historical Archaeology)

By Beaudry, Mary C, Parno, Travis G.

Lost Boys

Love Factually: The Science of Who, How and Why We Love

By Mucha, Laura

Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller

By Akala

How to Do Your Research Project: A Guide for Students

By Thomas, Gary

Research Methods and Methodologies in Education

By Coe, Robert, Waring, Michael, Hedges, Larry V, Arthur, James

East West Street: on the origins of genocide and crimes against humanity: Non-fiction Book of the Year 2017

By Sands, Philippe