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Understanding Heritage in Practice (Understanding Global Heritage)

By Susie West

Family Web : A Story of India

By Hobson, Sarah

Success in Sociology (Success Studybooks)

By Ducklin, Alan, Ward, Peter, Marcus, Martin

The Scholar Gypsy: The Quest for a Family Secret

By Sampson, Anthony

Salaam Brick Lane: A Year in the New East End

By Tarquin Hall

Success in Statistics

By Caswell, Fred

Statistics in Geography for Advanced Level Students (Geography S.)

By Wilson, John Graham

Occupations (First Impressions S.)

By Linaker, Kathryn

"Times" Guide to the Peoples of Europe: The Essential Handbook to Europe's Tribes ("Times" guides)

By Fernández-Armesto, Dr. Felipe

The Times Archaeology of The World

By Scarre, Dr. Chris

Historical Sociology

By Abrams, Philip

Introduction to Research Methods

By Burns, Robert B

Sociology of Sport and Social Theory

By Earl Smith

Standardized Minds: The High Price of America's Testing Culture

By Sacks, Peter

One-dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society

By Marcuse, Herbert

Theorizing Childhood

By James, Allison, Jenks, Chris, Prout, Alan

Aimee and Jaguar

By Fischer, Erica

Richard Hoggart: Virtue and Reward

By Inglis, Fred

Sociology for Social Workers

By Llewellyn, Anne, Agu, Lorraine, Mercer, David

Identity: Sociological Perspectives

By Lawler, Steph

Manuel Castells: The Theory of the Network Society (Key Contemporary Thinkers)

By Stalder, Dr Felix

Wasted Lives: Modernity and Its Outcasts

By Bauman, Zygmunt

Sociology: Introductory Readings, Revised Edition

By Giddens, Anthony

Contemporary British Society

By Abercrombie, Nicholas, Warde, Alan, Soothill, Keith, DEEM, ., Urry, John, Abercrombie, Nicholas

The Reality of the Mass Media

By Luhmann, Niklas

The Internet and Society

By Slevin, James

Zygmunt Bauman: Prophet of Postmodernity (Key Contemporary Thinkers)

By Smith, Dennis

Civilising Subjects: Metropole and Colony in the English Imagination 1830 - 1867

By Hall, Catherine


By Giddens, Anthony

Education and Society: Issues and Explanations in the Sociology of Education

By Moore, Rob, Polity Press