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Research Design in Social Research

By De, Vaus David

Understanding the Family (Published in association with The Open University)

By John Muncie, Margaret Wetherell, Mary Langan, Rudi Dallos, Allan Douglas Cochrane, Muncie, Professor John, Wetherell, Prof Margaret, Langan, Prof Mary, Dallos, Dr Rudi, Cochrane, Dr Allan Douglas

The Ethnographic Self: Fieldwork and the Representation of Identity

By Coffey, Amanda

Data Collection and Analysis (Published in association with The Open University)

By Sapsford, Roger, Jupp, Victor

Social Interaction and Personal Relationships (Published in association with The Open University)

By Miell, Dorothy E, Dallos, Rudi

Analyzing Qualitative Data (Qualitative Research Kit)

By Graham Gibbs

Doing Focus Groups (Qualitative Research Kit)

By Rosaline Barbour

Doing Interviews

By Steinar Kvale

Essential Guide To Qualitative Methods In Organizational Research

By Catherine Cassell, Gillian Symon, Cassell, Catherine, Symon, Gillian

Nationalism: A Critical Introduction

By Philip Spencer, Howard Wollman

Doing Ethnographies

By Mike Crang, Ian Cook

Introduction to Social Research, Second Edition: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches (Essential Resource Books for Social Research)

By Punch, Keith F.

Using Social Theory: Thinking through Research

By Michael Pryke, Gillian Rose, Sarah Whatmore, Pryke, Michael

An Intimate History of Humanity

By Zeldin, Theodore

A Victorian Household: Based on the Diaries of Marion Sambourne (Sutton Illustrated History Paperbacks)

By Nicholson, Shirley

Jane Austen's Christmas: The Festive Season in Georgian England

By Hubert, Maria

Food and Feast in Medieval England (Illustrated History Paperbacks)

By Hammond, Peter

Beginning Qualitative Research: A Philosophical and Practical Guide (Teachers' Library)

By Morehouse, Richard, Maykut, Pamela

Pregnant Women, Violent Men: What Midwives Need to Know (Bfm Books for Midwives)

By Hunt PhD MSc(Econ) MBA ILTM RGN RM PGCE, Sheila C., Martin BA MA, Ann M.

Outline of Sociology as Applied to Medicine, 4Ed

By Armstrong, David

Traditional Stories: Stories From The Caribbean (Cultural Journeys)

By Breinburg, Petronella

Traditions From India: 6 (Cultural Journeys)

By Mamdani, Shelby

Traditions From China: 7 (Cultural Journeys)

By Golding, Vivien

Desert (Peoples & Environment)

By Low, Robert


By Myers, Steve

Women Managers: The Untapped Resource

By National Economic Development Office

The Road From Coorain

By Conway, Jill Ker

How To Travel With A Salmon: and Other Essays

By Eco, Umberto

Loss, Bereavement and Grief: A Guide to Effective Caring

By Spall, Bob, Callis, Stephen

My Own Country: A Doctor's Story

By Verghese, A., Abraham