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Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices (Culture, Media and Identities series)

By Hall, Stuart

Production of Culture/Cultures of Production: 4 (Culture, Media and Identities series)

By du Gay, Paul

Doing Conversation Analysis: A Practical Guide (Introducing Qualitative Methods series)

By Ten Have, Paul

The Quality of Qualitative Research (Introducing Qualitative Methods series)

By Gobo, Giampietro

The Consumer Society: Myths and Structures (Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society)

By Baudrillard, Jean

Neural Networks: An Introductory Guide for Social Scientists (New Technologies for Social Research series)

By Garson, George David

Good to Talk? Living and Working in a Communication Culture

By Cameron, Deborah

Doing Qualitative Research: A Practical Handbook

By Silverman, David, Marvasti, Amir

Doing a Literature Review: Releasing the Social Science Research Imagination

By Hart, Christopher

Social Science in Question: Towards a Postdisciplinary Framework (Published in association with The Open University)

By Smith, Mark J

Researching Life Stories and Family Histories: 137 (Introducing Qualitative Methods series)

By Miller, Dr Robert Lee

Michel Foucault (Core Cultural Theorists Series)

By Ofarrell, Clare

Reworking Qualitative Data: The Possibility of Secondary Analysis

By Heaton, Janet

KLECKA: DISCRIMINANT ANALYSIS (PAPER): 19 (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)

By Klecka, William R.

Fieldnotes: The Makings of Anthropology (Writings of James Fenimore Cooper)

By Roger Sanjek

Peyote Hunt: The Sacred Journey of the Huichol Indians (Symbol, Myth and Ritual)

By Myerhoff, Barbara G.

My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student

By Rebekah Nathan

In the Footsteps of Eve: The Mystery of Human Origins

By Berger, Lee, Barber, Brett Hilton

Foucault, Cultural Studies, and Governmentality

By Bratich, Jack Z.

Mixed Methods in Social Inquiry: 9 (Research Methods for the Social Sciences)

By Greene, Jennifer C.

Totem Poles Bh (Museum note / U.B.C. Museum of Anthropology)

By Halpin

The Wishing Handbook: More Than 500 Ways to Make Your Wishes Come True

By Delamar, Gloria T.

Improving Peopleā€²s Lives: Lessons in Empowerment from Asia

By Sharma, Mukul

Mapping Social Networks, Spatial Data, and Hidden Populations (Ethnographer's Toolkit): 4

By J. Schensul, Jean

Qualitative Researching

By Mason, Jennifer

Understanding Health: A Sociological Introduction

By Barry, Anne-Marie, Yuill, Chris

The Imagined Economies of Globalization

By Angus Cameron, Ronen Palan

Media Ownership: Concentration, Convergence and Public Policy: The Economics and Politics of Convergence and Concentration in the UK and European Media

By Doyle, Dr Gillian

Interpreting Quantitative Data

By Byrne, David

Developing Effective Research Proposals (Essential Resource Books for Social Research)

By Punch, Keith F