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Organizations and Experiments: Designing New Ways of Managing Work

By Warner, Malcolm

The Telecommuters

By Kinsman, Francis

Preventing Family Violence: 5 (Wiley Series in Family Psychology)

By Browne, Kevin

Troubled Families-Problem Children: Working with Parents: A Collaborative Process

By Webster Stratto, Carolyn

Industrial Relations: A Social Psychological Approach

By Stephenson, GM

Christmas Customs and Traditions: Their History and Significance

By Miles, Clement A.

Culture and Agency

By Archer, Margaret Scotford

The Victorian Kitchen

By Davies, Jennifer

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

By Goleman, Daniel

Not Quite Adults: Why 20-Somethings Are Choosing a Slower Path to Adulthood, and Why It's Good for Everyone

By Settersten, Richard, Ray, Barbara E.

Victory Secrets of Attila the Hun

By Roberts, Wess

The Common Thread

By Sulston, John, Ferry, Georgina

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test


The Naked Ape: A Zoologist's Study of the Human Animal

By Morris, Desmond

Cohabitation and Marriage: A Pastoral Response

By Forster, Greg

Growing Through Loss and Grief: A Counsellor's Guide (Handbooks of Pastoral Care)

By Pearson, Althea

Popular Culture, Crime and Justice (Criminal Justice Series)

By Bailey Ph.D., Frankie Y., Hale, Donna C., Clear, Todd R.

SPSS - X Made Simple

By Hedderson, J., Fisher, Melinda, Fisher, Melinda

Social Science Methodology: A Criterial Framework

By Gerring, John

Linguistic Relativities: Language Diversity and Modern Thought

By Leavitt, John

Spatial Analysis for the Social Sciences (Analytical Methods for Social Research)

By Darmofal, David

A World of Babies: Imagined Childcare Guides for Seven Societies

By DeLoache, Judy

Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning, And Identity (Learning in Doing: Social, Cognitive and Computational Perspectives)

By Wenger, Etienne

An Introduction to Theory in Anthropology

By Layton, Robert

Anti-Disciplinary Protest: Sixties Radicalism and Postmodernism

By Stephens, Julie

Cambridge Companion to Habermas (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy)

By White

Artisans in Europe, 1300-1914 (New Approaches to European History, Series Number 19)

By Farr, James

Medicine, Rationality, and Experience: An Anthropological Perspective: 1990 (Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures)

By Good, Byron J.

Medicine and Society in Early Modern Europe (New Approaches to European History, Series Number 16)

By Lindemann, Mary

The Politics of Language in Australia

By Ozolins, Uldis