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Investigating Culture: An Experiential Introduction to Anthropology

By Delaney, Carol

Controversies in American Politics and Society

By McKay, David, Houghton, David, Wroe, Andrew

Understanding Everyday Life (Sociology and Society)

By Bennett, Tony, Watson, Diane

Why Work?: Motivating the New Generation

By Maccoby, Michael

Closing of the American Mind

By Bloom, Allan

The State of Health Atlas (A Pluto project)

By Mackay, Judith, etc., Doyal, Lesley, Lopez, Alan

When Work Doesn't Work Anymore: Women, Work and Identity

By Mckenna, Elizabeth Perle

After the Fact: Two Countries, Four Decades, One Anthropologist: 5 (The Jerusalem-Harvard Lectures)

By Geertz, Clifford

Salsa Dancing into the Social Sciences: Research in an Age of Info-Glut

By Luker, Kristin

Wandering Soul: The Dybbuk's Creator, S. An-sky

By Safran, Gabriella

The Scar of Race

By Sniderman, Paul M

My Own Country: A Doctor's Story

By Verghese, A., Abraham

This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons in Greenland

By Ehrlich, Gretel

On Looking into the Abyss: Ultimately Thoughts on Culture and Society: Untimely Thoughts on Culture and Society

By Himmelfarb, Gertrude

The Secrets of Mariko: A Year in the Life of a Japanese Woman and Her Family

By Bumiller, Elisabeth

Ancestral Passions: Leakey Family and the Quest for Humankind's Beginnings

By Morell, Virginia

The State and Social Transformation in Tunisia and Libya, 1820-1980 (Princeton Legacy Library)

By Anderson, Lisa

Bwiti: An Ethnography of the Religious Imagination in Africa (Princeton Legacy Library)

By Fernandez, J. W.

Birdscapes: Birds in Our Imagination and Experience

By Jeremy Mynott

Indebted: How Families Make College Work at Any Cost

By Zaloom, Caitlin

Multimethod Research, Causal Mechanisms, and Case Studies: An Integrated Approach

By Goertz, Gary

Measurement by Physical Educator: Why and How (Brown & Benchmark S.)

By Miller, David K.

An Idea and Its Servants: Unesco from within

By Hoggart, Richard

The British at Table, 1940-80

By Driver, Christopher

Culture and Imperialism

By Said, Edward W.


By Graham, Laurie.

Fathers An Anthology

By Guinness, Louise

The Way We Live Now: Dilemmas in Contemporary Culture

By Hoggart, Richard

Sky Burial

By Xinran

Sociology of Medicine: As Applied to Medicine

By Scambler, Graham