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Sociology Projects: A Students' Guide

By Barrat, David

How Institutions Think

By Douglas, Professor Mary

The Future Of The Welfare State: Crisis Myths and Crisis Realities

By Castles, Francis G.

Anthropology: The Basics

By Metcalf, Peter

Social and Cultural Anthropology: The Key Concepts (Routledge Key Guides)

By Rapport, Nigel, Overing, Joanna

Statistical Analysis in Psychology and Education

By Ferguson, George A., Takane, Yoshio, Y.

Sociology of Law

By Cotterrell, Roger

The Government and Politics of Sport

By Houlihan, Barrie

Quality of Life: Assessment, Analysis and Interpretation

By David Machin, Peter M Fayers

Don't Worry, Be Happy: A Child’s Guide to Dealing With Feeling Anxious

By O'Neill, Poppy

Consciousness and Action among the Western Working Class (Study in Sociology S.)

By Mann, Michael

Mortality, Immortality and Other Life Strategies

By Bauman, Zygmunt

The C.S.I. Effect

By Ramsland, Katherine

Institutions and Social Order

By Karol Edward Soltan, Eric M. Uslaner, Virginia Haufler

Discovery of Grounded Theory: Strategies for Qualitative Research

By Glaser, Barney

Rethinking Educational Research

By Dockrell, W.B., Hamilton, D.F.

Learning to Labour: How Working Class Kids Get Working Class Jobs

By Willis, Paul

Education and Social Control

By Sharp, Rachel, Green, Anthony

Narrative Inquiry: Experience and Story in Qualitative Research

By Clandinin, D. Jean, Connelly, F. Michael

Derby Day (Folio Miniatures)

By Holloway, David

The Spirit of Chinese Capitalism (De Gruyter studies in organization)

By S. Gordon Redding

Memento: Solace For Grieving

By Clise, Michele

Witchcraft, Oracles And Magic Among The Azande

By Evans-Pritchard, e. e.

Rethinking Symbolism: 11 (Cambridge Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology)

By Sperber, Dan

The Sociological Imagination

By Mills, C. Wright

The Concept of Kinship: And Other Essays on Anthropological Method and Explanation

By Gellner

The Huli Response to Illness (Cambridge Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology)

By Frankel, Stephen

The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology: Third Edition

By Turner, Bryan, Abercrombie, Nicholas, Hill, Stephen

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Sociology (Oxford Reference S.)

By Marshall, Professor Gordon

From Max Weber: Essays in Sociology (Routledge Classics in Sociology)

By Max Weber, H. H. Gerth, C. Wright Mills, Bryan S. Turner