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Applied Optics

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Photonic Crystal Fibers: Properties and Applications: 102 (Springer Series in Materials Science, 102)

By Poli, F., Cucinotta, A., Selleri, S.

Structure and Properties of Liquid Crystals

By Blinov, Lev M.

Springer Handbook of Lasers and Optics

By Trager, Frank

Turbulence Nature and the Inverse Problem: 89 (Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications, 89)

By Pyatnitsky, L. N.

Solitons: Non-linear pulses and beams: 5 (Optical and Quantum Electronics)

By Akhmediev, Nail, Ankiewicz, Adrian

Nonlinear Optical Properties of Materials: 174 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 174)

By Ganeev, Rashid A.

Nanophotonics: 213 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 213)

By McGurn, Arthur

Optical Transmission: The FP7 BONE Project Experience (Signals and Communication Technology)

By Teixeira, Antonio, tosi beleffi, giorgio maria

Physics and Applications of Terahertz Radiation: 173 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 173)

By Perenzoni, Matteo, Paul, Douglas J.

Laser - Surface Interactions

By Ganeev, Rashid A.

Chiral Nanophotonics: Chiral Optical Properties of Plasmonic Systems: 205 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 205)

By Schäferling, Martin

Advanced Lasers: Laser Physics and Technology for Applied and Fundamental Science: 193 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 193)

By Shulika, Oleksiy, Sukhoivanov, Igor

Semiconductor Lasers: Stability, Instability and Chaos: 111 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 111)

By Ohtsubo, Junji

Convergence of Terahertz Sciences in Biomedical Systems

By Park, Gun-Sik, Kim, Yong Hyup, Han, Haewook, Joon Koo, Ahn, Jaewook, Son, Joo-Hiuk, Woong-Yang, Jeong, Young Uk

Integrative Biophysics: Biophotonics

By Popp, Fritz-Albert, Beloussov, L.V.

Introduction to Fluorescence Sensing

By Demchenko, Alexander P.

Ocean Colour: Theory and Applications in a Decade of CZCS Experience - Based on the Lectures Given During the Eurocourse on 'Ocean Colour: Theory and ... 1991 (Euro Courses. Remote Sensing, Vol 3)

By Barale, Vittorio, Schlittenhardt, Peter M.

Remote Sensing Image Analysis: Including the Spatial Domain: 5 (Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing, 5)

By De Jong, Steven M., van der Meer, Freek D.

Radar Interferometry: Persistent Scatterer Technique: 12 (Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing, 12)

By Kampes, Bert M.

Remote Sensing of Aquatic Coastal Ecosystem Processes: Science and Management Applications: 9 (Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing, 9)

By Richardson, Laurie L., LeDrew, Ellsworth F.

Spatial Statistics for Remote Sensing: 1 (Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing, 1)

By Stein, A., van der Meer, Freek D., Gorte, Ben

Acoustical Imaging: Volume 28 (Acoustical Imaging, 28)

By Andre, Michael P.

Cloud Optics: 34 (Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library, 34)

By Kokhanovsky, Alexander A.

Outdoor Lighting: Physics, Vision and Perception

By Schreuder, Duco

Homemade Holograms: The Complete Guide to Inexpensive, Do-It-Yourself Holography

By Iovine

Clinical Optics Third Edition

By Elkington, A. R., Frank, H. J., Greaney, M. J.

The Basic Law of Colour Theory

By Kueppers, Harald

Schaum's Outline of Optics

By Hecht, Eugene

Science in Colour (Primary Colours)

By Adams, Ron

Colour (Pelican S.)

By Rossotti, Hazel