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Applied Psychotherapy

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Various Miracles

By Dryden, Windy, Branch, Rhena

1 available

Democracy and Reform, 1815-1885 (Seminar Studies In History)

By Wright, D. G.

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John Bowlby and Attachment Theory (Makers of Modern Psychotherapy)

By Holmes, Jeremy

Research Methods for Therapists (T.I.P.)

By Drummond, A.

A Secure Base; Clinical Applications of Attachment Theory

By Bowlby, John

Impasse and Interpretation: Therapeutic and Anti-Therapeutic Factors in the Psychoanalytic Treatment of Psychotic, Borderline, and Neurotic Patients (New Library of Psychoanalysis)

By Rosenfeld, Herbert

Anxiety & Stress Management (Strategies for Mental Health)

By Powell, Trevor J., Enright, Simon

Assertion Training: How To Be Who You Really Are (Strategies for Mental Health)

By Graham, Roderick S., Rees, Shan

On Learning from the Patient

By Casement, Patrick

Counselling Problem Drinkers

By Davidson, Robin, etc., Rollnick, Stephen, MacEwan, Ian, Heather, Nick

The Suppressed Madness of Sane Men: Forty-Four Years of Exploring Psychoanalysis (New Library of Psychoanalysis)

By Milner, Marion

The Visible and Invisible Group: Two Perspectives on Group Psychotherapy and Group Process (The International Library of Group Psychotherapy and Group Process)

By Agazarian, Yvonne, Peters, R. S.

Counselling: The Skills of Problem-Solving

By Manthei, Bob, Munro, Ann, Small, John

Psychic Equilibrium and Psychic Change: Selected Papers of Betty Joseph: 9

By Betty Joseph, Michael Feldman, Elizabeth Bott Spillius, Hanna Segal

Revealing Image:Analytic Art: Analytical Art Psychotherapy in Theory and Practice

By Schaverien, Joy

Hidden Conversations: Introduction to Communicative Psychoanalysis

By Smith, David Livingstone, Langs, Robert J.

The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds

By Bowlby, John

The Basic Fault: Therapeutic Aspects of Regression

By Balint, Michael

Counselling Young People

By Noonan, Ellen

Psychoanalytic Studies of the Personality

By Fairbairn, W. R. D.

The Handbook of Autism: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

By Aarons, Maureen, Gittens, Tessa

Growing Up in a Changing Society (Child Development in Social Context)

By Carr, Ronnie, Light, Paul, Woodhead, Martin

Psychology and Freudian Theory: An Introduction

By Kline, Paul

Counselling in General Practice

By Corney, Roslyn, Jenkins, Rachel

Cognitive Therapy in Clinical Practice: An Illustrative Casebook

By Jan Scott, J. Mark G. Williams, Aaron T. Beck, Aaron T. Beck

Introduction to Psychotherapy: An Outline of Psychodynamic Principles and Practice

By Brown, Dennis, Pedder, Jonathan

Ring of Fire: Primitive affects and object relations in group Psychotherapy (The International Library of Group Psychotherapy and Group Process)

By Pines, Malcolm

Clinical Lectures on Klein and Bion (The New Library of Psychoanalysis)

By Anderson, Robin

The Handbook of Clinical Adult Psychology

By Lindsay, Stan, Powell, Graham

Male Infertility - Men Talking

By Mason, Mary-Claire