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Art Criticism

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Aesthetic Theory (Bloomsbury Revelations)

By Theodor W. Adorno

Immanence -- Deleuze and Philosophy (Plateaus -- New Directions in Deleuze Studies)

By Miguel De Beistegui

Constructions (Writing Architecture)

By Rajchman, John, Virilio, Paul

Spheres of Action: Art and Politics

By Peter Osborne, Eric Alliez

The Politics of Aesthetics

By Ranciere, Jacques

The Future of the Image

By Jacques Ranciere

Art Deco Source Book

By Bayer, Patricia

Turner (Discovering Art)

By Sullivan, K.E.

Andre Derain: A Painter Through the Ordeal by Fire (Grands Maitres S.)

By Kalitina, Nina, etc., Maximova, E.

Learning to Look at Paintings

By Acton, Mary

Still Life

By Schneider, Norbert

Leonardo DA Vinci: the Last Supper (Rizzoli Quadrifolio)

By Zani, Vito

Great Works Of Biblical Art.

By Mannering, Douglas.

Self and History: A Tribute to Linda Nochlin

By D'Souza, Aruna


By Russell

Greek Art (World of Art)

By John Boardman

Abstract Expressionism

By Hess, Barbara, Grosenick, Uta

Critical Terms for Art History, Second Edition

By Nelson, Robert S., Shiff, Richard

The Art of Art History: A Critical Anthology (Oxford History of Art)

By Preziosi, Donald

Chinese Painting (Collection Planned by Alan Skira)

By Cahill, James

Move Closer: An Intimate Philosphy of Art

By Armstrong, John

Gothic Art. Visions and Revelations of the Medieval World. [Everyman Art Library].

By Camille, Michael

Key Writers on Art: The Twentieth Century (Routledge Key Guides)

By Murray, Chris

The Block Reader in Visual Culture

By Putnam, Tim, Mash, Melinda, Bird, Jon, Curtis, Barry, Robertson, George

On Modern American Art: Selected Essays

By Rosenblum, Robert

Art? No Thing!: Analogies Between Art, Science and Philosophy

By Craig, Megan, Ilgen, Frè

Art as Experience

By Dewey, John

How to Read a Modern Painting: Understanding and Enjoying the Modern Masters

By Jon Thompson

Exploring Visual Culture: Definitions, Concepts, Contexts

By Rampley, Matthew

Visual Culture: Images and Interpretations

By Moxey, Keith, Holly, Michael Ann, Bryson, Norman