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Art Criticism

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Think Like an Artist: . . . and Lead a More Creative, Productive Life

By Gompertz, Will

1 available

Meditations on a Hobby Horse and Other Essays on the Theory of Art

By Gombrich, Ernst H.

1 available

Phantom Communities: The Simulacrum and the Limits of Postmodernism

By Scott Durham, Durham, Scott

1 available

The Meal (Artists & Themes S.)

By Grieco, Allen J.

1 available

The Pre-Raphaelites

By Swinglehurst, Edmund

1 available

The Creative Quest: Discover a Three-Dimensional Life with the Creative I's Workbook

By Schachter, Bernice

1 available

Venice Biennale: Identity and Alterity - Figures of the Body 1895/1995

By Clair, Jean

1 available

The Principles of Art (Galaxy Books): 11

By Collingwood, Robin George

1 available

Arts of China: A Short History

By Sullivan, Michael

1 available

Proust Was a Neuroscientist

By Lehrer, Jonah

1 available

Playing to the Gallery: Helping Contemporary Art in its Struggle to Be Understood

By Perry, Grayson

1 available

Practising with Deleuze: Design, Dance, Art, Writing, Philosophy

By Suzie Attiwill, Terri Bird, Andrea Eckersley, Jon Roffe, Philipa Rothfield, Antonia Pont

Contemporary Condition - the Contemporary Composition: édition anglaise: 2

By Terry Smith

What, After All, Is a Work of Art?: Lectures in the Philosophy of Art

By Margolis, Joseph

Art, Literature, and Passions of the Skies: 112 (Analecta Husserliana, 112)

By Tymieniecka, Anna Teresa

Marxism and Art: Essays Classic and Contemporary

By Solomon, Maynard

Heritage Wood: Investigation and Conservation of Art on Wood (Cultural Heritage Science)

By Nevin, Austin, Sawicki, Malgorzata

Swansea and Nantgarw Porcelains: A Scientific Reappraisal

By Edwards, Howell G.M.

inArt 2016: 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Art Research and Technology

By Vandenabeele, Peter, Bersani, Danilo, Candeias, Antonio

Public Art and Urban Memorials in Berlin (The Urban Book Series)

By Arandelovic, Biljana

Volume 9: Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art: v. 9 (Contemporary Philosophy: A New Survey, 9)

By Fløistad, Guttorm

Eco-Landscape Design

By Flannery, John A., Smith, Karen M.

Intercultural Aesthetics: A Worldview Perspective: 9 (Einstein Meets Magritte: An Interdisciplinary Reflection on Science, Nature, Art, Human Action and Society, 9)

By van den Braembussche, Antoon, Kimmerle, Heinz, Note, Nicole

Managing Indoor Climate Risks in Museums (Cultural Heritage Science)

By Ankersmit, Bart, Stappers, Marc H.L.

Mondrian's Philosophy of Visual Rhythm: Phenomenology, Wittgenstein, and Eastern thought: 23 (Sophia Studies in Cross-cultural Philosophy of Traditions and Cultures, 23)

By Tosaki, Eiichi

The Incurable-Image: Curating Post-Mexican Film and Media Arts (Edinburgh Studies in Film and Intermediality) (Edinburgh East Asian Studies)

By Tarek Elhaik

The Field of Cultural Production: Essays on Art and Literature

By Bourdieu, Pierre


By Sullivan, K.E.

Claude Monet

By Nunhead, Nancy

Art Matters: Reflecting on Culture

By Tusa, John