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Francois Truffaut

By Le Berre, Carole


By Dalmais, Herve

Outsider Art

By Ferrier, Jean-Louis

Kunst als Sendung.

By Daniels, Dieter

Hybride Zonen / Hybrid Zones: Kunst Und Architektur in Basel Und Zurich / Art and Architecture in Basel and Zurich

By Omlin, Sibylle, Frei Bernsaconi, Karin

Reck, H: Kunst als Medientheorie

By hans-ulrich-reck

The Great Age of British Watercolours, 1750-1880

By Wilton, Andrew, Lyles, Anne

The Secret World of the Aztecs (Adventures in Art)

By Anton, Ferdinand

50 Artists You Should Know (50's Series)

By Thomas Köster

Robots and Spaceships: PO (Icons Series)

By Kitahara, Teruhisa

Hundertwasser: The Painter-King With the 5 Skins

By Restany, Pierre, Hundertwasser

Jalal Toufic - What Was I Thinking? e-flux journal (Sternberg Press / E-Flux Journal)

By Jalal Toufic

Change: 19 Key Essays on How the Internet is Changing our Lives: 19 Key Essays on How Internet Is Changing Our Lives (BBVA Annual Series)

By Benkler, Yochai, Casalegno, Federico, Castells, Manuel, Castronova, Edward, Crystal, David, Dentzel, Zaryn, Dimaggio, Paul, Engelen, Lucien, Gelertner, David, Hirshberg, Peter, Hypponen, Mikko

Robert Rauschenberg

By Hunter, Sam

The Politics of Design: A (Not So) Global Design Manual for Visual Communication

By Pater, Ruben

Women, Art and Society (World of Art S.)

By Chadwick, Whitney

William Blake (World of Art Library): 0

By Kathleen Raine

Introduction to Perspective (Art School)

By Smith, Ray

Ontology Of Work Of Art: Musical Work, Picture, Arch., Film: 12 (Series In Continental Thought)

By Roman Ingarden

Plantagenet Encyclopedia: An Alphabetical Guide to 400 Years of English History

By Hallam, Elizabeth M.

A Month in Siena

By Matar, Hisham

Outlooks: Lesbian and Gay Sexualities and Visual Cultures

By Lewis, REINA, Horne, Peter

Gothic (Wiley Blackwell Guides to Literature)

By Punter, David

The Art of Florentine Drawings

By Swinglehurst, Edmund

Circles of Thorns: Hieronymus Bosch and Being Human

By Lewis-Anthony, Justin

Goddess: Mother of Living Nature (Art and Imagination)

By Adele Getty

Surrealism and Cinema

By Richardson, Michael

A Guide to Speech Production and Perception

By Mark Tatham, Katherine Morton

History & techniques of the great masters: Rubens

By Morrall, Andrew

Drawing Now: Eight Propositions

By Hoptman, Laura, Ofili, Chris, Ackermann, Franz, Crotty, Russell, Khedoori, Toba, Little, Lecturer in Politics Graham, Los Carpinteros, Nordstrum, Jockum, Pastor, Jennifer, Thorpe, David, Wright, Dr Richard, Currin, John, Manders, Mark, McGee, Barry, Me...