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Art Criticism

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Great Works Of Biblical Art.

By Mannering, Douglas.

Leonardo DA Vinci: the Last Supper (Rizzoli Quadrifolio)

By Zani, Vito

Art and Mode

By Givry, Valerie de

The Sublime Now

By Claire Pajaczkowska, Luke White

Cezanne to Picasso: Ambroise Vollard, Patron of the Avant-garde (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications)

By Rabinow, Rebecca A, Druick, Douglas W, Dumas, Ann, Groom, Gloria

A Dictionary of Postmodernism

By Lucy, Niall

Forms of Attention

By Kermode, Frank

Inclinations: A Critique of Rectitude (Square One: First-Order Questions in the Humanities)

By Adriana Cavarero, Adam Sitze, Amanda Minervini

The Body and the Arts

By Saunders, Corinne, Maude, U., Macnaughton, J.

Thinking Photography


Essays on Art and Language

By Harrison

Ruins: (Documents of Contemporary Art)

By Dillon, Brian

Gallery Sound (EX:CENTRICS)

By Caleb Kelly

In the Blink of an Ear: Toward a Non-Cochlear Sonic Art

By Kim-Cohen, Seth

Zizek and Politics: A Critical Introduction

By Matthew Sharpe, Geoff M. Boucher

Art in the Making: Italian Painting before 1400 (Art in the Making S.)

By Bomford, David, Dunkerton, Jill, Gordon, Dillian, Roy, Ashok


By Rebel, Ernst

Methods & Theories of Art History, Second Edition

By D'Alleva, Anne

The Eye: An Insider's Memoir of Masterpieces, Money, and the Magnetism of Art

By Philippe Costamagna, Frank Wynne

Art Theory: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

By Freeland, Cynthia

More Than Meets the Eye: A Closer Look at Paintings in the National Gallery

By Cassin, Michael

Why Not?: Why Not Associates

By Why Not Associates, Liz Farrelly, Rocco Redondo

How to Read World History in Art: From the Code of Hammurabi to September 11

By Flavio Febbraro, Burkhard Shwetje

Mark Rothko, 1903-70

By Mark Rothko

Cezanne: Landscape into Art

By Machotka, Pavel


By fermigier andre

About Modern Art: Critical Essays, 1948-96

By Sylvester, David

Careless Talk Costs Lives

By James Taylor

Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice

By Ocvirk, Otto G., etc.

Visual Thinking

By Arnheim, R