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Children's Books on Modern & Contemporary History

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Children Of The Blitz: Memories Of Wartime Childhood

By Westall, Robert

1 available

Rosa Luxemburg: In Her Own Time ("In Her Own Time" biographies)

By Wendy, Forrest

1 available

Lark Rise to Candleford: A Trilogy - Lark Rise; Over to Candleford; Candleford Green (Modern Classics)

By Thompson, Flora, Massingham, H., Flora Thompson

1 available

World War I (Popcorn: History Corner)

By White-Thomson, Stephen

Lost Words: World War I: The Bloodiest Battle Ever Fought

By Nicholas Saunders, Dr

Look Inside: A Shakespearean Theatre

By Peter Chrisp, Chrisp, Peter, Hook, Adam

Changing China (China Focus)

By Marta Segal Block

Woeful Second World War (Horrible Histories 25th Anniversary Edition)

By Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin

~ D-Day (My Story)

By Perrett, Bryan

The Princess and the Suffragette: a sequel to A Little Princess

By Webb, Holly

The Nineties (A Look At Life In)

By Condon, Judith

Avoid Sailing in the Spanish Armada! (Danger Zone)

By Malam, John, Antram, David

Early 20Th Century (When I Was Young)

By Thomson, Ruth

Slimy Stuarts (Horrible Histories)

By Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin

D-Day (Young Reading Series 3) (Young Reading Series 3, 70)

By Henry Brook


By Ganeri, Anita, Gameri, Reid, Neil


By Ganeri, Anita, Spender, Nik


By Ganeri, Anita, Anita Ganeri, Philips, Rachael

Who Protested Against the Vietnam War? (Primary Source Detectives)

By Richard Spilsbury

Men, Women and Children: In the First World War

By Steele, Philip

Civilian Bravery in the World Wars (The National Archives) (Beyond the Call of Duty)

By Hicks, Peter

In the First World War (Men, Women and Children)

By Steele, Philip

Smoke and Ashes: Story of the Holocaust

By Rogasky, Barbara

Modern China (China Focus)

By Marta Segal Block

In Victorian Times (Men, Women and Children)

By Hepplewhite, Peter

Great Stink (Fusion History): Children in Victorian Britain (Fusion: History)

By Mason, Paul

Mary Queen of Scots (Scotties)

By Elizabeth Douglas

Victorians (DK Eyewitness)

Queen Elizabeth II: Her Story Diamond Jubilee (Wayland One Shots)

By Malam, John

The 20th Century Year by Year: The Family Guide to the People and Events That Shaped the Last Hundred Years

By Adie, Kate