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The Case Of Mary Bell: A Portrait of a Child Who Murdered

By Sereny, Gitta

The King of Torts

By John Grisham


By Carcaterra, Lorenzo

Individual Differences in Second Language Learning (Second-Language Acquisition)

By Skehan, Peter

Hides and Seekers: The Inside Story of Secret Places (A National Trust Series for Children)

By Sutton, Harry T.

Making Faces: Using Forensic and Archaeological Evidence

By John Prag, R.ichard Neave

Layer Cake

By J. J. Connolly

Criminal Justice System: A Socio-psychological Analysis

By Konecni, V.J., Ebbesen, E.E.

Murder Will Out: Book of Irish Murder Cases

By Reddy, Tom

Crime & Punishment Through Time: An SHP development study (Discovering the Past for GCSE)

By Dawson, Ian

Crime & Punishment Through Time: Teacher's Book (Discovering the Past for GCSE)

By Dawson, Ian

The Gaol: The Story of Newgate - London's Most Notorious Prison

By Grovier, Kelly

Alternatives to Prison: Examination of Non-custodial Treatment of Offenders (Contemporary Issues)

By Stanley, Stephen, Baginsky, Mary

Murder Without Conviction: Inside the World of the Krays

By Dickson, John

Advancing Critical Criminology: Theory and Application (Critical Perspectives on Crime and Inequality)

By DeKeseredy, Walter S., Perry, Barbara

Prisongate: The Shocking State of Britain's Prisons and the Need for Visionary Change

By David Ramsbotham

Let's Discuss: Getting Into Trouble: 1

By Sanders, Peter

The Floating Brothel: The extraordinary true story of an 18th-century ship and its cargo of female convicts

By Rees, Siân

Forever Lost, Forever Gone

By Hill, Paddy Joe, Hunt, Gerard

Wanted Man

By Spargo, Tamsin

Crime and Punishment: A Study Across Time (Key History for GCSE)

By Anderson, Angela

Angles on Criminal Psychology (Angles on Psychology)

By Dwyer, Diana

Crime, Order and Social Control: Researching Crime and Criminal Justice (Course D315)

By Sapsford, R. J., Sapsford, R. J.

Mr Nice

By Howard Marks

Colonel Blood: The Man Who Stole the Crown Jewels

By David C. Hanrahan

Tyburn: London's Fatal Tree

By Brooke, Alan, Brandon, David

Executioner: The Chronicles of a Victorian Hangman

By Evans, Stewart P.

The Great Shakespeare Fraud

By Patricia Pierce

The Elizabethan Underworld

By Salgado, Gamini

The Guilty One: Voted the Richard & Judy favourite by its readers

By Lisa Ballantyne