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Engineering Physics

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Fluid Mechanics: Volume 6 (Course of Theoretical Physics S)

By Landau, L. D., Lifshitz, E. M.

Optoelectronics: An Introduction

By Wilson, J., Hawkes, J.F.B.

Isaac Newton

By Gleick, James

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

By Kreyszig, Erwin

Number-Crunching: Taming Unruly Computational Problems from Mathematical Physics to Science Fiction

By Nahin, Paul J.

Transmissn/Propn Eltmtc Wvs (Electronics Texts for Engineers and Scientists)

By Sander

Elementary Linear Programming with Applications

By Kolman, Bernard, Beck, Robert Edward

Spectroscopy of Polymers Second Edition

By Koenig, J.L.

Paradox Lost: Images of the Quantum

By Wallace, Philip R.

Figments of Reality: The Evolution of the Curious Mind

By Stewart, Ian, Cohen, Jack

The Quest for Unity: The Adventure of Physics

By Klein, Etienne, Lachieze-Rey, Marc, Reisinger, Axel

How to Invent Everything: Rebuild All of Civilization (with 96% fewer catastrophes this time)

By North, Ryan

Einstein’s Fridge: The Science of Fire, Ice and the Universe

By Sen, Paul

Isaac Newton

By Gleick, James

The Trajectory of Iran's Nuclear Program

By Gaietta, Michele

Introduction to Superstrings (Graduate Texts in Contemporary Physics)

By Kaku, Michio

Quantum Groups: 155 (Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 155)

By Kassel, Christian

Theory Of Neural Information Processing Systems

By Coolen, A. C. C.

Field Notes from the Edge: Journeys Through Britain's Secret Wilderness

By Evans, Paul

General Certificate of Secondary Education Electronics

By Duncan, Tom, Tom Duncan

The Basic Law of Colour Theory

By Kueppers, Harald

ISDN Technology

By Brewster, J.R.

Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy

By Cravens, Gwyneth

Football Fitness & Skills

By Edwards, Pete

The Infamous Boundary: Seven Decades Of Heresy In Quantum Physics

By Faris, W.

The Search for Infinity: Solving the Mysteries of the Universe

By etc., Fraser, Gordon, Lillestol, Egil, Sellevag, Inge, Hawking, Stephen

The Addison-Wesley Science Handbook for Students, Writers, and Science Buffs (Helix Books)

By Coleman, Gordon J., Dewar, David

Conquering Mathematics: From Arithmetic to Calculus

By Motz, Lloyd

Introductory Semiconductor Device Physic

By Parker

Optical Anecdotes

By Lovell, D. J.