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The Charmed Sphere (Luna S.)

By Asaro, Catherine

The Time Traveler's Wife

By Niffenegger, Audrey

Dark Side Of The Moon

By Kenyon, Sherrilyn

The Lord of The Rings

By J J R Tolkien, Tolkien, John Ronald Reuel, J. R. R., J. R. R. Tolkien

Last Of The Amazons: A superbly evocative, exciting and moving historical tale that brings the past expertly to life

By Pressfield, Steven

Wolverine: Weapon X (MARVEL CLASSICS)

By Cerasini, Marc

Captains Outrageous / for Doom the Bell Tolls

By Young, Roy V

City of Night (Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein, Book 2)

By Koontz, Dean

Freckle Juice

By -, Blume, Judy


By Smith, E. E. "Doc"

Dawn of War (Warhammer 40, 000 S.)

By Cassern S Goto

The Graveyard Book

By Gaiman, Neil, McKean, Dave

On the Steel Breeze

By Reynolds, Alastair

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

By Murakami, Haruki

Final Days

By Gibson, Gary

Voyage of the Jaffa Wind (Secrets of Droon)

By Abbott, Tony, Merrell, David, Jessell, Tim

Star Wars: Darksaber

By Anderson, Kevin J.

Star Wars: Children of the Jedi

By Hambly, Barbara

Excalibur: Restoration: No. 11 (Star Trek: New Frontier)

By David, Peter

Seize The Night (Dark-Hunter World)

By Kenyon, Sherrilyn


By Ringo, John


By Asaro, Catherine

Choosers Of The Slain: 3 (Ghost)

By Ringo, John

Unto The Breach

By Ringo, John


By Angela Knight

The Dawn Star

By Asaro, Catherine

The Dream-Hunter (Dark-Hunter World)

By Kenyon, Sherrilyn

Island of the Day Before

By Eco, Umberto

Forever Young: The Story of Adrian Doherty, Football's Lost Genius

By Kay, Oliver

Aspects of Alice: Lewis Carroll's Dream Child As Seen Through the Critics' Looking-Glasses 1865-1971

By Phillips, Robert