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The Phantom Menace ("Star Wars Episode One")

By Brooks, Terry

Labyrinth Of Night

By Steele, Allen M.

Duncton Found: pt. 3 (Duncton chronicles)

By Horwood, WILLIAM

Bishop's Heir: Vol 1 (The histories of King Kelson)

By Kurtz, Katherine

Alien 1

By Foster, Alan Dean

Cybersong: No.8 (Star Trek: Voyager)

By S.N. Lewitt, Lewitt, S.N.

The Thirties: A Chronicle of the Decade

By Holloway, David

The Klingon Dictionary: English/Klingon, Klingon/English (Star Trek)

By Okrand, Marc

Section 31: Abyss Bk. 4 (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

By Jeffrey Lang, David Weddle

The Valiant (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

By Friedman, Michael Jan

Zero Hour: No. 7 (Resident Evil)

By Perry, S. D.

When Work Doesn't Work Anymore: Women, Work and Identity

By Mckenna, Elizabeth Perle

Keeper of the King

By Bennett, Nigel, Elrod, P.N., Nigel Bennett, P.N. Elrod

Star Trek: Federation (Star Trek (trade/hardcover))

By Reeves-Stevens, Garfield, Reeves-Stevens, Judith

The Amber Spyglass: His Dark Materials v. 3 (His Dark Materials (Hardcover))

By Philip Pullman

The Land of Gold

By Bradshaw, Gillian

Firewing (Aladdin Fantasy)

By Oppel, Kenneth

Zombies and Calculus

By Adams, Colin

The Ice Queen

By Alice Hoffman

The Female Man

By Russ, Joanna

Dragon on a Pedestal

By Piers Anthony

Back to the Future Part III

By Gardner, Craig Shaw

Janissaries 3: Storms of Victory

By Pournelle, Jerry

Expecting Someone Taller

By Holt, Tom

The Time of the Transference (Spellsinger No. 6): v. 6

By Foster, Alan Dean

Blue Sword (Orbit Books)

By McKinley, Robin

The Third Book of Swords

By Saberhagen, Fred

Book Of Swords 1 (Orbit Books)

By Fred Saberhagen

Alien 2

By Foster, Alan Dean

The Eyes Of The Dragon

By King, Stephen