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Going Postal: 29 (Discworld Novels)

By Pratchett, Terry, Terry pratchett

Thud! (Discworld Novels)

By Pratchett, Sir Terry, Terry pratchett

Unseen Academicals: (Discworld Novel 37)

By Terry pratchett

Wyrmeweald: Returner's Wealth

By Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell, Stewart, Paul, Riddell, Chris

Wyrmeweald: Bloodhoney

By Paul Stewart

Fergus Crane (Far-Flung Adventures)

By Stewart, Paul, Riddell, Chris

Walt Disney's Peter Pan and Captain Hook, (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading, 4)

By Carey, Mary, Barrie, J. M.

Walt Disney's Gulliver Mickey (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)

By Walt Disney Productions

Samuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest

By Haig, Matt

A Critical Dictionary of Jungian Analysis

By Samuels, Andrew


By Severy, Richard

Fantasy: The Literature of Subversion (New Accents series)

By Jackson, Rosemary

Atlantis Rising: 01 (Warriors of Poseidon)

By Day, Alyssa

Atlantis Awakening: 02 (Warriors of Poseidon)

By Day, Alyssa

Vampire in Atlantis (Berkley Sensation)

By Day, Alyssa

On the Beach

By Nevil Shute

Pixie Tricks #03: The Pet-Store Sprite

By West, Tracey

Pixie Tricks #08: The Wicked Wizard

By West, Tracey

Zombie Butts from Uranus!

By Griffiths, Andy

Dragon Rider

By Funke, Cornelia, Bell, Anthea

Star Wars: The Last Command

By Zahn, Timothy

Not The End Of The World

By Atkinson, Kate

Chocolat: (Chocolat 1)

By Harris, JoAnne, Harris Joanne

Specter of the Past: Star Wars

By Zahn, Timothy

Doom of the Darksword

By Weis, Margaret, Hickman, Tracy

Forging the Darksword

By Weis, Margaret, Hickman, Tracy

Star Wars: Showdown at Centerpoint: Book 3 (Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy)

By MacBride, Allen Roger

Out on Blue Six

By McDonald, Ian

Star Wars - Volume 2: Dark Force Rising

By Zahn, Timothy

Star Wars: Specter of the Past

By Zahn, Timothy