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Food Combining for Health: A New Look at the Hay System

By Grant, Doris and Jean Joice., Doris Grant, Jean Joice, Sir John Mills C.B.E.

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The Genius Factory: Unravelling the Mystery of the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank

By David Plotz

Common Paediatric Emergencies

By R.C. Groggins, N. Higson

Handbook of Small Animal Radiological Differential Diagnosis

By Ruth Dennis (Centre for Small Animal Studies, The Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, UK), Robert M. Kirberger, Robert H. Wrigley, Frances Barr

The Resourceful Patient

By Muir Gray

Spencer's Pathology of the Lung

By Philip Hasleton

Social Work and Mental Health

By Malcolm Golightley

Communication Skills for Health and Social Care

By Bernard Moss

Communication Skills in Health and Social Care

By Bernard Moss

Get Through Accident and Emergency Medicine: MCQs

By Amy Herlihy


By Paul H. Dworkin

Chronic Disease Management in Primary Care: Quality and Outcomes

By Gill Wakley, Ruth Chambers (NHS)

Medical Ethics: A Very Short Introduction

By Tony Hope (Ethox, Institute of Health Sciences, University of Oxford)

The Challenge of Person-centred Care: An Interprofessional Perspective

By Georgina Koubel, Hilary Bungay

Anti-Oppressive Practice

By Jane Dalrymple, Beverley Burke

Dementia and Mental Illness in Older People

By Elaine Murphy

I Think Theres Something Wrong With Me

By Nigel Smith

Trials of an Expert Witness: Tales of Clinical Neurology and the Law

By Harold L. Klawans

Organogenesis: Volume II

By H. Tuchmann-Duplessis, L.S. Hurley, P. Haegel

Illustrated Human Embryology

By H. Tuchmann-Duplessis

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Cfs/Me) : The Facts

By Michael Sharpe, Frankie Campling

Economics Medicine and Health Care

By Gavin Mooney

Logic in Medicine

By C. Phillips

Clinical Data Management

By Richard K. Rondel, Sheila Varley, Colin F. Webb

Users' Guides to the Medical Literature: A Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice

By Gordon Guyatt, Drummond Rennie

Informed Consent in Medical Research

By Len Doyal, Jeffrey S. Tobias (The Meyerstein Institute of Oncology)

Meta-Analysis: Quantitative Methods for Research Synthesis

By Fredric (Fred) M. Wolf

Randomised Controlled Trials

By Alejandro R. Jadad

Fraud and Misconduct in Medical Research

By frank wells

Randomised Controlled Trials and Multi-centre Research

By Martin Underwood, etc., Hannaford, Slowther