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Gene Activity in Early Development

By Davidson, Eric H.

Cell-cell Interactions in Early Development: Vol 49 (Symposia of the Society for Developmental Biology)

By Gerhart, John

Evolutionary Conservation of Developmental Mechanisms (Symposia of the Society for Developmental Biology)

By Spradling, Allan C.

Eukaryotic Transcription Factors

By Latchman, David S.

Molecular Genetics of Immunoglobulin (New Comprehensive Biochemistry)

By Calabi, F., Neuberger, M. S.

Games of Life: Explorations in Ecology, Evolution, and Behaviour

By Sigmund, Karl

Bioinformatics: Sequence, Structure and Databanks: A Practical Approach: 236 (Practical Approach Series)

By Higgins, Des, Taylor, Willie

Principles of Genome Analysis: A Guide to Mapping and Sequencing DNA from Different Organisms

By Primrose, Sandy B.

Mendel In 90 Minutes (Scientists series)

By Gribbin, John, Mary

My Beautiful Genome: Exposing Our Genetic Future, One Quirk At A Time

By Frank, Lone

Advances in Cancer Research: 91: Volume 91

By Vande Woude, George F., Klein, George

DNA: A Graphic Guide to the Molecule That Shook the World

By Israel Rosenfield, Edward Ziff, Borin Van Loon

Introducing Genetics

By Jones, Steve

Enough: Genetic Engineering and the End of Human Nature

By McKibben, Bill

iGenetics with Free Solutions

By Russell, Peter J.

Analysis of Genes and Genomes

By Reece, Richard J.

Genes, Peoples, and Languages

By Cavalli-Sforza, Luigi Luca, Seielstad, Mark

A Biologist's Guide to Analysis of DNA Microarray Data

By Knudsen, Steen

Chromatography: Basic Principles, Sample Preparations and Related Methods

By Lundanes, Elsa, Reubsaet, Leon, Greibrokk, Tyge

Genomics-Assisted Crop Improvement: Vol 2: Genomics Applications in Crops

By Varshney, Rajeev K., Tuberosa, Roberto

Your Inner Fish: The amazing discovery of our 375-million-year-old ancestor

By Neil Shubin, Shubin, Neil

Hands: 9 (Princeton Science Library)

By Napier, John

The Complete World of Human Evolution (Complete Series)

By Chris Stringer, Peter Andrews

A Genetically Modified Future? (Issues Series vol. 138)

By Lisa Firth

Transgenic Plants: A Production System for Industrial and Pharmaceutical Proteins

By Owen, Meran R. L., Pen, Jan

Human Molecular Genetics (Cell and Molecular Biology in Action)

By Sudbery, Dr Peter

Gene Cloning

By Lodge, Julia, Lund, Peter, Minchin, Steve

Genetics of Bacterial Diversity

By Hopwood, David A.

The Origins of the British: The New Prehistory of Britain

By Oppenheimer, Stephen

The Last Neanderthal: The Rise, Success and Mysterious Extinction of Our Closest Human Relatives

By Tattersall, Ian