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Mary Barton

By Elizabeth Gaskell

Genes, Cells and Brains: The Promethean Promises of the New Biology

By Hilary Rose, Steven Rose

Genetic Engineering

By J. Williams, R. K. Patient

What Mad Pursuit: A Personal View of Scientific Discovery

By Francis Crick

An Introduction to Genetic Engineering (Studies in Biology)

By Desmond S. T. Nicholl

The Selfish Gene: 30th Anniversary edition

By Richard Dawkins

The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood

By Gleick, James

The Equations of Life: The Hidden Rules Shaping Evolution

By Charles Cockell

Scars of Evolution: What Our Bodies Tell Us About Human Origins

By Elaine Morgan

Control: The Dark History and Troubling Present of Eugenics

By Adam Rutherford

Against the Grain: Genetic Transformation of Global Agriculture

By Marc Lappe, Britt Bailey, Tim Lang (Professor of Food Policy, Thames Valley University)

Creation: The Origin of Life / The Future of Life

By Adam Rutherford

The Production of New Potato Varieties: Technological Advances

By G. J. Jellis, D. E. Richardson

Encyclopedia of Genetics

By Eric C.R. Reeve

Understanding Human Evolution

By Frank E. Poirier, Jeffrey K. McKee

iGenetics: International Edition

By Peter J. Russell

How Life Works: A User's Guide to the New Biology

By Philip Ball

Biochemistry Illustrated: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Post-Genomic Era

By Peter N. Campbell, Anthony D. Smith, Timothy J. Peters

Geigy Scientific Tables: v. 5: Heart and Circulation

By C. Lentner

Theoretical Population Genetics

By J.S. Gale

As the Future Catches You: How Genomics and Other Forces are Changing Your Work, Health, and Wealth

By Juan Enriquez

An Introduction to Evolutionary Ecology

By Aidan Cockburn

The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being: Evolution and the Making of Us

By Alice Roberts

The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life

By Prof Richard Dawkins, Yan Wong


By John R. S. Fincham

The Cartoon Guide to Computers

By Larry Gonick

Principles of Gene Manipulation

By R.W. Old, S.B. Primrose, R.W. Pld (Department of Biological Sciences, University of Warwick)

The Biology of Belief 10th Anniversary Edition: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles

By Bruce H. Lipton

Encyclopedia of Human Biology

By Renato Dulbecco (The Salk Institute, La Jolla, California, U.S.A.)

Remaking Eden: Designing Human Life in the New Millennium

By Lee M. Silver