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The Origins of the Irish

By J. P. Mallory

Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution

By Margarette Lincoln, Claire Tomalin

Making of Elizabethan Foreign Policy, 1558-1603 (Una's Lectures)

By Wernham

The Tudor Constitution

By Elton

Five Per Cent Philanthropy: An Account of Housing in Urban Areas between 1840 and 1914

By Tarn, John Nelson

The Tudor Constitution

By Elton

Stuart Constitution 1603–1688

By Kenyon, J. P.

The New Cambridge Modern History: Volume 2, The Reformation 1520–59: The Reformation, 1520-59 v. 2

By Elton, G. R.

Studies in Tudor and Stuart Politics and Government: Volume 1, Tudor Politics Tudor Government: Papers and Reviews 1946–1972: Papers and Reviews 1946-72 - Tudor Politics Tudor Government v. 1

By Elton, G. R.

The Aristocracy of Labour (Cambridge Studies in Sociology)

By Mackenzie, Gavin

Bare Ruined Choirs

By Knowles, David

Languages of Class: Studies in English Working Class History 1832–1982

By Stedman-Jones

Trade, Plunder and Settlement: Maritime Enterprise and the Genesis of the British Empire, 1480-1630

By Andrews, Kenneth R.

The Romans Discover Britain Pupil's book: Book 1 (Cambridge School Classics Project)

By Cambridge School Classics Project, Hughes, Mike, Forrest, Martin

England 1200-1640 (Sources of History)

By Elton, G.R.

Fall of Public Man

By Sennet

The Economic History of Britain v1: 1700-1860 v. 1

By Floud, Roderick, McCloskey, D. N.

The English Reformation Revised

By Haigh

Puritans and Roundheads: The Harleys of Brampton Bryan and the Outbreak of the English Civil War (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History)

By Jacqueline Eales

The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn: Family Politics at the Court of Henry VIII

By Warnicke, Retha M.

The Cambridge Historical Encyclopedia of Great Britain and Ireland

By Haigh, Christopher

England's Troubles: Seventeenth-Century English Political Instability in European Context

By Scott, Jonathan

The Economic History of Britain since 1700: Volume 3

By Floud, Roderick, McCloskey, Donald

16th Century Britain

By Boris Ford

From Family Tree to Family History (Studying Family and Community History)

By Finnegan, Ruth, Drake, Michael

From Family History to Community History (Studying Family and Community History)

By Pryce, W. T. R.

Communities and Families (Studying Family and Community History)

By Golby, J.

Studying Family and Community History: Volume 4, Sources and Methods for Family and Community Historians: A Handbook

By Drake, Michael, Finnegan, Ruth, Eustace, Jacqueline

Empire and Information: Intelligence Gathering and Social Communication in India, 1780–1870 (Cambridge Studies in Indian History and Society, Series Number 1)

By Bayly, C. A.

Children, Childhood and English Society, 1880-1990: 32 (New Studies in Economic and Social History, Series Number 32)

By Hendrick, Harry