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Kings & Queens (Pitkin History of Britain S)

By Williams, Brian and Brenda

Slavery to Freedom: Britain's Slave Trade and Abolition (Pitkin Guides)

By James Walvin, Angela Royston

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Year: A Royal Souvenir

By Annie Bullen

Life on the Railway (Pitkin Guide)

By Burton, Anthony

Chichester City Guide (Pitkin City Guides)

By Cathy Hakes

Rooms of their Own

By Nino Strachey

The Archbishops of Canterbury: A Tale of Church and State

By Butler, John

The Trafalgar Companion

By historians, 8 leading

Mosquito Aces of World War 2 (Aircraft of the Aces)

By Thomas, Andrew, Davey, Chris

The Big House In Ireland

By Pakenham, Valerie


By Talbot, Rob, Whiteman, Robin

The Miscellany of Britain

By Tom O'Meara

Relative Stranger: A Life After Death

By Loudon, Mary

Cromwell: An Honourable Enemy - The Untold Story Of The Cromwelli

By Reilly, Tom

Alanbrooke War Diaries 1939-1945: Field Marshall Lord Alanbrooke

By Alanbrooke, Lord, Danchev, Alex, Danchev, Alex, Todman, Dan

The British Empire in Colour: Unique Images of the British Empire

By Binns, Stewart

Britain at War in Colour: Unique Images of Britain in the Second World War

By Binns, Stewart, Wood, Adrian

King Henry VIII (British History Makers)

By Ashworth, Leon

Encyclopedia of British History

By Steele, Philip

Victorian Britain (100 Things You Should Know About... S.)

By Steele, Philip, Smith, Jeremy

The Miles Kelly Book of British History

By Gallagher, Belinda, Marshall, Anne

100 Facts Victorian Britain

By Jeremy Smith, Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd

Immortal Yew, The

By Tony Hall

The Story of London

By Brassey, Richard

The Hubris Syndrome: Bush, Blair and the Intoxication of Power

By Owen, David

Invasion Plague and Murder - Student book (11-14)

By Wilkes, Aaron

Industry, Reform and Empire Student Book (Folens History)

By Wilkes, Aaron, Aaron Wilkes

Focus On Gifted & Talented: Britain 1750-1900 (Focus on Gifted and Talented)

By Waugh, Steve, Waugh, Denise

Invaders Textbook (7-11) (Folens Primary History)

By Jane Kevin

Peakland Air Crashes: v. 1: The South

By Cunningham, P.