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Historical Biographies 1501-1700

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Restoration England: Reign of Charles II (Seminar Studies in History)

By Miller, John

1 available

Lazarillo de Tormes: (La Vida de Lazarillo de Tormes Y de Sus Fortunas Y Adversidades) (Aris & Phillips Hispanic Classics)

By Keith Whitlock, Victor Dixon, David Rowland

1 available

Calvin (Lancaster Pamphlets)

By Mullett, Michael

3 available

More Than A Game: The Story of Cricket's Early Years

By Major, John

1 available

Cromwell, Our Chief of Men

By Fraser, Antonia

1 available

King Charles II

By Fraser, Lady Antonia

1 available

The Hollow Crown: A History of Britain in the Late Middle Ages: 04 (Penguin History of Britain)

By Rubin, Miri

Battle of Brothers: The true story of the royal family in crisis – UPDATED WITH 12 NEW CHAPTERS

By Lacey, Robert

The Elizabethans

By Wilson, A.N.

Nostradamus: The Evidence

By Wilson, Ian

Power and Glory: Jacobean England and the Making of the King James Bible

By Nicolson, Adam

Circulation: William Harvey’s Revolutionary Idea

By Wright, Thomas

The Plot Against Pepys

By Ben Long, James Long, Long, Ben, James

Richard Hooker Prophet of Anglicanism

By Secor, Philip B.

The Stuarts' Last Secret: The Missing Heirs of Bonnie Prince Charlie

By Pininski, Peter

Henry: Virtuous Prince

By Starkey, David

Crown of Thistles: The Fatal Inheritance of Mary Queen of Scots

By Porter, Linda

The Examinations of Anne Askew (Women Writers in English 1350-1850)

By Beilin, Elaine V.

Elizabeth I (Reputations)

By Palmer, Michael

Gresham's Law: The Life and World of Queen Elizabeth I's Banker

By Guy, John

Oliver Cromwell (Profiles In Power)

By Barry Coward, Coward, Barry

Russians Among Us: Sleeper Cells, Ghost Stories and the Hunt for Putin’s Agents

By Corera, Gordon

The Autobiography And Other Writings (Classics)

By Franklin, Benjamin, Silverman, Kenneth

Meade of Gettysburg

By Freeman Cleaves (author)

Love in the Blitz: A Woman in a World Turned Upside Down

By Alexander, Eileen

The Diary: v. 5

By Pepys, Samuel, Latham, Robert, Matthews, WILLIAM

Quartered Safe Out Here

By Fraser, George MacDonald

The Commonwealth of Cricket: A Lifelong Love Affair with the Most Subtle and Sophisticated Game Known to Humankind

By Guha, Ramachandra

The Florentines: From Dante to Galileo

By Strathern, Paul

The Holocaust: The Jewish Tragedy

By Gilbert, Martin