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Jamie's Italy: Jamie Oliver (E)

By Oliver, Jamie, Grambo, Rebecca L., Cox, Daniel J.


By Bonner, W.Nigel

Getting to Know Nature's Children: Chipmunks and Beavers by Merebeth Switzer

By switzer-merebeth-kelsey

Cellular Physiology of Nerve and Muscle

By Matthews

Jumbo: The Unauthorised Biography of a Victorian Sensation

By Sutherland, John

Autonomic Ganglia


Polar Dance: Born of the North Wind

By Bruemmer, Fred, Mangelsen, Thomas D.

Wild Fell: Fighting for nature on a Lake District hill farm

By Schofield, Lee

Neuroanatomical Tract-Tracing Methods: 001

By Heimer, Lennart, Robards, Martine J.

Practical Illustrated Histology

By Ratcliffe, N.A., Llewellyn, P., P. J.

Natural World Killer Whale

By Cawardine, Mark

Lifecycles: Joey to Kangaroo

By De La Bedoyere, Camilla

Zebras (Wild Ones)

By Anderson, Jill

Rare Diseases Epidemiology: Update and Overview: 1031 (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 1031)

By Posada de la Paz, Manuel, Taruscio, Domenica, Groft, Stephen C.

The Last Hedgehog

By Ayres, Pam, Tait, Alice

Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Human

By Winston, Robert

Iontophoresis and Transmitter Mechanisms in the Mammalian Nervous System

By Ryall, R. W., Kelly, J.S.

Fifty Years on: Looking Back on Some Developments in Neurohumoral Physiology (The Sherrington Lectures)

By Feldberg, Wilhelm

Substance P.: Metabolism and Biological Actions

By Jordan, C.C., Oehme, P.

The Life Cycle of Mammals (Life Cycles)

By Gray, Susan H., Lingard, Darren

Save the Black Rhino (Young Explorer: Save Our Animals)

By Louise Spilsbury, Richard Spilsbury

The Animals Among Us: The New Science of Anthrozoology

By Bradshaw, John

Bears: The Solitary Rulers (Art of Being...)

By Baccega, Elisabeth

Big Cats (Oxford Reds)

By Ireland, Kenneth

Big Cat Diary: Cheetah

By Scott, Jonathan, Angela

Rewilded, Saving the South China Tiger 野化拯救华南虎

By Li Quan

Mammalian Reproductive Biology

By Bronson

The Red Squirrel Book (Nature Book)

By Jane Russ

Higher Human Biology With Answers

By Marsh, Clare, Simms, James, Stevenson, Caroline, Torrance, Fullarton

The Conquest of Cancer: A distant goal

By Faguet, Guy