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The Encyclopedia of Mammals

By Macdonald, David W.

The Outdoor Pony : Threshold Picture Guides, # 22

By Susan McBane

Donkey Tales (Donkeys)

By Elisabeth D. Svendsen

Badgers (BNHC Vol:6) (The British Natural History Collection)

By Michael Clark

Southern Africa: Spectacular World of Wildlife

By Reader's Digest

Lions: King of Beasts

By Server, Lee

Whales and Dolphins (Animal Portraits S.)

By Cleave, Andrew

On the Trail of the Whale

By Carwardine, Mark

Purrrfect Scottish Cats (Black & White Publishing)

By Alison Mary Fitt

Solo Wildlife: Polar Bear (Solo wildlife)

By Kennett, David

Know Your Sheep

By Jack Byard

Guide to the Land Mammals of Britain (Chart)

Fathoms: the world in the whale

By Giggs, Rebecca

Digging Snowmastodon: Discovering an Ice Age World in the Colorado Rockies

By Kirk Johnson, Ian Miller

Plasticity of Muscle: Proceedings of a Symposium held at the University of Konstanz, Germany, September 23–28, 1979

By Pette, Dirk

Tout savoir sur les mammiferes et leur habitat

Tarka the Otter. His Joyful Water-life & Death in the Two Rivers

By Tunnicliffe, C., Williamson, Henry, Henry Williamson, C.F. Tunnicliffe

Field Guide to Mammals of Southern Africa (Field Guide To... (Struik Publishers))

By Stuart, Chris, Tilde

My Best Book of Whales and Dolphins

By Gunzi, Christiane

Free Willy: The World of Killer Whales (Fantail S.)

By Nigel, Robinson

On the Prowl: In Search of Big Cat Origins

By Hallett, Mark

The Whale in the Living Room: A Wildlife Documentary Maker's Unique View of the Sea

By Ruthven, John

Foxes Unearthed: A Story of Love and Loathing in Modern Britain

By Lucy Jones

The Wolverine Way

By Chadwick, Douglas H.

Beasts Before Us: The Untold Story of Mammal Origins and Evolution

By Panciroli, Elsa

Physiology of Diving in Man and Other Animals (Studies in Biology)

By Hempleman, H.V.

African Elephants

By Balfour, Daryl, Sharna

Saving the Last Rhinos: The Life of a Frontline Conservationist

By Fowlds, Grant, Spence, Graham

Sea Hunters: Dolphins, Whales and Seals : Dolphins, Whales and Seals (Wild Predators)

By Andrew Solway

The Last Elephant: African Quest

By Gavron, Jeremy